Affiliate Marketing Pros And Cons (2021): How It Works And How To Make Money

Today, we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of affiliate marketing in 2021. I really wanted to talk about this, because people have been asking a lot about it. You know what are the pros and the cons of affiliate marketing because they hear a lot of the pros of why they should do it.

Why it’s good for them?

Why they can make a lot of money, but there’s not so much talk about the cons, the negative ones, so I’m gonna cover this in this video. Now, first of all, let’s go over them one by one, as now the pros, I think you know the pros, there’s no need to create a product or service.

Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t in the future, create your own product, your own digital product, your own course whatever it might be. Definitely, that should be on your mind, but that is way in the future. Once you become more established once you start to make some money, you can invest in creating your own products for sure, because that is really really going to help you to grow your business. But when you get started, you don’t have maybe the skills, experience, or investments needed to create your own product, and that is fine.

That’s why affiliate marketing is so great. You don’t need anything basically, because all you’re doing is promoting somebody else’s product, and that is really really great because you don’t have to worry about the actual product. You don’t have to worry about customer support. Nothing at all like that. All you have to do is, first of all, make sure that you choose the best product right. I don’t just choose any product because they give a good Commission choose a product that is of a high value and then you go out and promote it. So, while the negative for this one is definitely that you do need to create traffic, that’s here on the right-hand side.

So it’s all good and well that you can promote somebody else’s product, but you still need to get people to your offer right, and that is the biggest challenge in affiliate. Marketing is how to generate traffic because without traffic you have no business right. So traffic is so so very important, I’ll be doing more videos about getting traffic to your affiliate offers. So do subscribe to my channel hit the notification bells, so you do not miss out, but traffic is key and there are different ways to get traffic. There are different platforms to get traffic from, but you need to study what you need to understand, learn the techniques and work hard and because without traffic you have no business. Of course, the other Pro is because you don’t have your own product, you don’t need to invest in stocks or shipping, and so on.

That is really really a big big big advantage because you do not need to invest. You don’t need to have a product ready in your storage; you don’t even need to create a digital product and pay for software, and so on. All of this is not needed now. The negative, of course, is that you have absolutely no control over the product. You don’t even have control if the affiliate program would stop for that product, because that is also something that can happen. Sometimes they can just go out of business or they can stop using affiliates right. So that is definitely a negative one. Now to overcome this one is is so important because if you are just going to be an affiliate, that’s just going to focus on a particular product or a few particular products, and something happens with that. Then you lose your business. You lose your income right, so you need to create ways of having a sustainable business and again I’ll do more videos about this, and one thing that I will talk a lot about is email marketing.

You really really need to incorporate email marketing in your long term. Business strategy in order to be successful in the long term, now the great thing about affiliate marketing and that’s what I’ve been doing for years and years and years is you can work anytime from anywhere as long as you have internet access, I mean I’ve worked from All around the world and no problem, all I needed was to have a laptop and an internet connection, and I was ready to go. It really really gives you so much freedom, a con 4 negative for filled marketing is the high competition. Definitely, that is something you need to keep in mind because don’t think it’s going to be very, very easy because there’s a lot of affiliates out there, you need to stand your ground. You need to stand out really really important and what I’ll be talking a lot about in future videos and some of the videos that are already on my channel, is to become an authority and authority in your particular nation in your particular sector.

When you become an authority, you can deal with any competition, really really important, that you understand the competition and that you prepare for it. Whether on a positive note understand that when there is competition, it means there is money right. If there wouldn’t be money to be made, then there wouldn’t be any competition so that the fact that there is competition is great because it means there is money to be made, so do not be afraid of competition. Now the negative, the positive one, the last positive one of marketing is, of course, the passive income. Now, don’t think too much about passive income.

I know sometimes people really press on this, that you know it’s a no, it’s a passive income. Yes, it’s a passive income. Once you made it once you’ve established yourself, there will be passive income, but when you get to when you are getting started, you need to work hard, so it forgets about the passive income. That is something that will come later. If you learn well, if you implement well and if you work hard, but definitely that is a positive and the negative one, is that well already I said the cost.

The customer belongs to deep merchants and that’s why I come with the point that I was making about establish establishing yours, your business as a long-term, profitable business do not just rely on one two or a few affiliate products you need to is an internet affiliate marketing business, it really is more than just doing a few reviews of different programs, and then that will be it. No, you need to establish yourself and two things you need to keep in mind and that this channel is all about, and that is one is Authority and the second one is email marketing. Those two things are such important factors in your strategy, together, of course, with traffic, so I’ll be doing a lot more videos on that do.