Affiliate Marketing – Which of the Various Affiliate Programs Are the Best Ones That Grant 100% Commissions?

ClickFunnels is an engaging web-based marketing tool used by internet marketers worldwide to generate engaging content, drive traffic and sell more online. As a ClickFunnels associate, you receive commission for each user who is referred to your site and subsequently purchased something. It’s really easy to start and it does not require much technical knowledge to implement. I’m here to show you how to make money with ClickFunnels. I’ll share what you need to know about setting up your very own affiliate program.

Setting up your affiliate program with ClickFunnels takes just minutes. This affiliate program provides two methods of earning commissions: tier one and tier two. You will need to choose which method best fits your online marketing goals. In this article you’ll learn the difference between the two. Here’s what you’ll get with each method.

First, let’s discuss what is each method of earning commissions on your ClickFunnels page. ClickFunnels provides a simple pay-per-click advertising method where you only earn commissions when someone clicks on the ad from your website. This is great if you don’t have much traffic at all or if your conversion rates are poor. It won’t earn you much compared to the other two methods discussed in this article but you can still make some good money.

The second method of earning affiliate commissions is through the use of the back-end pay-per-click system called PayPerClick. It is highly recommended if you’re starting out because it has excellent support and you’ll be able to find help on forums. It also offers generous commission refunds if your campaign doesn’t work. To earn more back-end commission, you’ll earn a commission every time someone clicks on the ads on your site. Although the monthly recurring commission on this program isn’t very much, it’s better than zero commissions which you’ll get from the first method.

The last method, which is the third method, is called the ClickBank affiliate program which also has its own advantages. Like with ClickFunnels, this affiliate program is absolutely free to join and all you need is to create an account. Once your account is created, it gives you access to hundreds of thousands of merchant campaigns. However, like with ClickFunnels, you won’t be able to earn affiliate commissions from those merchant products unless your site visitors purchase them.

So now that we’ve covered what each method is, let’s discuss our first and second funnel ideas. We mentioned the one funnel which sends traffic directly to the merchant sales page via PayPerClick and another called the multiple products funnel. Each of these products has its own specific advantage. One example is PayPerClick where you don’t have to pay anything until you click a link and purchase something. Another example is multiple product funnel in which you earn commissions from selling multiple products within a single web page. So which of these methods should you use?

Well, the most important decision you will make when choosing any affiliate program is whether you want to sign up for the free trial period or not. There are literally hundreds of affiliate programs which offer free trials but most of them require you to subscribe to their website, contact their support team and wait for their confirmation before you can receive your commissions. And this can easily take up a lot of time because there are lots of other prospects who might be interested in the same niche that you are. If you want to earn affiliate commissions fast, then by far the best method is to go with a completely free training program that explains everything you need to know in one place and completely free.

For our example above, you would sign up for the Richard Brunson’s ClickBank product. You will be provided with tons of resources and tools to help you market the product and of course Richard Brunson himself will be offering you 100% commissions on your first few sales. Now if someone were to click on those commissions, you will not only earn your commissions but also have their first sale directly deposited into your ClickBank account without you having to do anything. That is how powerful ClickFunnels and its affiliates can be.