Article Forge Reviews (2021)

Article Forge is a relatively new (to me) software application that allows you to create professional-looking, unique articles quickly and easily. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own articles, you probably know how tedious it can be. Articles aren’t just written, they must be edited, proofread, and contented before you put them on the internet. Here’s how Article Forge helps ease the task.

I was looking at an article forge a while back and decided to take a look at the money-back guarantee. A few minutes into the program, I noticed the money-back guarantee. When I finished the 30-day trial, I realized that this was one of the best software tools I’ve come across. It was very simple to use. I was able to submit my first article in less than an hour, and I was offered a full refund if I was not satisfied with the service.

Another great thing about the article forge review I did was that I was offered a free trial. I figured that if it was a quality tool, then I would get my money back if I wasn’t satisfied. That’s exactly what happened. In just over five days, I had successfully created my first five articles and was offered a full refund.

The first thing that I noticed when I read the article forge review was that the software produced great results. The writer, who goes by the name of a spinner, created high-quality original articles in just a short period of time. The first thing that I noticed about the software is that it allowed the writer to produce his or her own original content. In other words, the software allowed the writer to add his or her own key points to the articles. Once the writer enhanced the article using the key points provided, he or she was ready to submit the article.

After spending some time reading through the article forge program, I realized that this tool could help me generate unique content that would be useful to my clients. It takes some time to truly master the process of content creation, but once you get the hang of it you can generate hundreds of articles in a short period of time. What better way is there to generate content for your client?

One of the things that helped me the most was the keyword suggestion tools that are provided with the article forge program. This tool allowed me to generate one hundred and twenty keywords per day without having to know the exact keywords. This is because the program will search the major search engines for any keyword combinations that I am trying to target. This is much better than other smart tools such as Google’s AdWords that require you to know the exact phrase to use in order to generate some results. With the article forge, I was able to select the best keywords in less than a week.

Another great feature of the article forge tool is that you are able to generate text from RSS feeds. This tool allows you to buy article writing software that will also allow you to generate text from RSS feeds. This makes it much easier to create article content from blogs and web content. The tool is completely integrated with Article Marketing Automation so now all you need to do is sign up for an account with the product website and add the feed to your website.

Article Marketing Automation is one of the best SEO tools available today. The one-click process allows you to manage multiple websites at once. You can write one article and have it posted on your main site, your squeeze page, your blog, and then syndicate your article across the internet using PPC and article directories. With the new keyword suggestion tool that is included with the article forge, you will never lose track of keywords ever again. This amazing software will change how you do business.

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2. Article Forge

Article Forge uses a system of insightful algorithms that automatically rewrite articles to sound like they were written by human beings. The intelligent algorithm will research any topic and read an infinite number of articles before writing the article in its own words, with search engine optimization included for optimum results.

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article forge review

Article Forge Reviews


Hey everybody kurt here welcome to my channel now in this video i’m gon na review article forge now. This is an article writing software that writes uh articles uh automatically for you it’s. It’S really really very special um i’ve been looking into it and i finally got it myself and i’ve been using it and i have to say it is pretty amazing: it’s not the perfect article writer and i don’t think any software can really be that because there Needs to be some human input. Now, i’m here on my website, you can i’ll leave a link below you can read the full review uh in this article. I’Ve done a full review of article forge, but in this video i’m going to show you actually the software itself so go and check out my website as well read more about the software, but the main important.

The main important thing is that you try it out. For yourself, because i did a lot of research myself, i’ve looked into it and finally, the best way to get to know this. Software just to get the free trial doesn’t cost you anything. It’S a five day free trial, i’ll leave, a link below go and sign up just sign up with free trial, because you can cancel the free trial. This in your account just go to uh profile.

Then you go to your profile. All you have to do is just cancel it within five days and you won’t be charged anything at all um if you decide to get it yourself, it’s about 57. I think dollars per month at the moment, but if you pay yearly, i think it’s about 27. So very reasonable prices, if you consider what it can all do for you now, i’m here in the software in the background of the software. So what can you do?

Well, you can write articles. Well, actually you don’t have to write them. The software will write it for you, so this is how you create a new article. This is what i’m going to show you i’m going to show you the articles that i’ve written in this software, so you can see the quality and see if it’s something that that would be of interest to you or not. But what you can do is there’s a lot of different things that have an api information.

So if you have a certain softwares that you use that you want to combine it with this one and they do have an api, so you can link that to another software. They have a post scheduler, which is very powerful. If you have a wordpress website, you can connect your your sites to this software and then you can schedule post automatically. So this is auto blogging, which is very, very powerful. That’S one of the reasons i was really interested in this uh this software.

Now, i’m going to show you my articles in a second i’m just going to show you how you get started, it’s pretty simple! Actually now, if you have an article, if you want to do an article, i’m just going to show you. Let me show you the one that i’m going to show you in a second here at this: how to find a business idea right now. What i’ve done is you can see this here um. This is my main keyword, and these are my sub keywords.

So basically, i’m asking the software to write me an article on how to find a business idea. Now you can just leave it at that and then just let the software come up with something, but it can be very general uh. It might not wan it. Might it might not be what you actually exactly want, so the more information you give it the better, so what you can do is you can give up to five sub uh keywords, and i’ve done three here. So basically you’re telling the software to write me an article on how to find a business idea.

But i want you to talk about how to explore your passion, how to solve a problem for your audience and how to build on your strengths. So i’m giving it good information um, and that is the way you’re gon na get the best articles. I’Ve been trying out with different articles and if you keep it very general you’re going to get a very general article article, if you give it more, information, is going to be more as what you want. So basically, just put your main keyword here and have different languages, which is very interesting. If you, if you want to write articles in different languages, they do have multiple languages, and here you put the sub keywords, then you have a few choices now you have first of all and i have to say i was a bit disappointed when i was looking Into the software, because the long articles is only about 750 words – and you know, google likes these big long articles, but this is a very simple solution.

Just write two or even three long articles and just stitch them together when you’re doing a when you, when you write when you’re making your post your article, so there’s a definitely a solution to this, especially when you do this a scheduling and then bulk. You can actually do the bulks, you can see you can switch to bulk article generator, which basically is you – can have multiple articles written for you in the background. So you don’t have to sit and wait, because when you do an article takes about two minutes i would say um. So you basically just do something else come back and the article is ready, but you can do the bulk article generator. So you choose the length of your article now.

If you want to have titles, the best thing is to have a title. Sometimes i don’t. If i want to have another piece of content within another article, then i just leave this off, but mostly i turn this on. You can also have an image inserted into your article. You can have a video inserted into your article.

You can even replace keywords with links if you want to have links going to your own product or an affiliate product, or something like this. You can actually put this and then you can specify what kind of links and where you want the links to go to. You can also post directly to your wordpress blog. This is very powerful, because this is how you do auto blogging right. You connect your wordpress website and then it’s gon na automatically post these articles to your your blog.

You can do this as a immediately published. You can also set them to draft, so you can take a look at it later on and finally, if you want to do spinning, if you want to have the same article to be spun a few times, then you can connect it with the word ai, which Is by the same company? That’S why there you can connect it with that software, so um! If you want to do that, you just clicked in here and then all you have to do is just generate new article. I’Ve done it already for you to save some time and basically it’s just gon na run and after about two minutes, sometimes less than that um the article is going to be ready.

So, let’s take a look at this article which i just did uh just just just now: actually um now it first of all, it creates you a title now. You can, of course, change anything that you want to it so how to find a business idea that can work for you. I think it’s a pretty good um title um, so you can read it for yourself. Every business has starts out with one or two. I wouldn’t use this this.

This word i would uh take that out. Um you can have some just with two. I would just take this out with two events that spark imagination get attention. I mean it’s pretty good content, just read it for yourself. You can even correct the grammar here, um, it’s pretty good.

I mean it’s talking about the passion of asset to talk about passion, um, i’ve done do research. You know it’s talking about things that i’ve put into the system um. So i think it’s a pretty good article and if you want to have a longer article, you just stitch two or three articles together, uh with different bullet points, maybe so pretty good article. Now all you have to do is just copy this one and go and um and put on your on your blog on your on your website. Whatever you want to do with it, so i’ve been using it um, i have to say i was uh skeptical for a long time, but uh finally back to the plunge, and i did the free trolling without having to spend money.

I figured out that this is definitely something that i want to go with in the future, so i’m gon na leave a link below so you can try it out for yourself. It’S there’s no charge at all just going to try it for five days. If you want, you can sign up or not it’s up to you, but give it a try, see what what you see if it’s worth it your time or not, i’ll, leave a link below go and check that out. Thanks for watching i’ll, see you in another video you


Hey everybody hurt here welcome to my channel now in this video i’m gon na talk about how article forge really works. Now i looked at this software for quite a while until i got it myself, um, it’s a specific software that will create articles for you on my channel. You also find that i’m also doing videos on, which i also use um. There’S a difference.

Take a look at my video, where i do comparison between these two article force will write a whole article for you, whereas conversion ai is for top quality articles where you need to put you need to have an input in, so that makes article forge really a Really interesting software, because it does everything on autopilot. I want to show you give you a bit of an intro of how it really works uh, because so you have a clear idea of how how to use the software really and how it all works and also definitely go and get a free trial, because there’s Only one way to find out that’s what i did myself. I got the free trial i’ll leave a link below sign up with the free trial. Um. If you don’t like it, you need to cancel before five days right.

Do not forget, that’s pretty easy, you do it in the software itself, but you need to try it out for yourself and i think you’ll be amazed that the quality of these articles is pretty good. It’S not the top quality, because it’s still a software doing the the writing for you, but it’s good enough quality. I would say it’s pretty good quality, so definitely something to look at now. How does this work now? Basically, you have different different things.

You can do here that you have um api information is where you’re gon na do things on autopilot um, for example, there’s some softwares that you can incorporate with article forge as well, so you you can use the api information, but mostly what you’ll be doing is Either you will create articles here on the home page and i’m going to show you how to do this in a second. You can also set up the post scheduler. What you need to do is you need to set up your wordpress um. You need to attach your wordpress to this software, then you’re going to go to the post scheduler, where you’re going to post these kind of articles automatically, so you can say well. I want to have one article a day, two articles a day to that website and you can set up different uh tasks.

So you can populate different wordpress websites with articles which is really really amazing. And if you see that well, the price per month is about 57. I believe, if you pay month by month, but it’s only 27 if you pay on a yearly basis, which is really good um. So what you’re going to do is so here you can set up that automatically, but basically the way it works, and it’s pretty it’s it’s very. It’S the same, whether you do it with a post scheduler or just do it here, um on the main page and basically, there’s really just a few things that you need to do.

First of all, you can do different languages. I only use english myself you’re gon na put your main keyword. So, for example, if you say um, let’s say how to do a marketing. For example, you want to have an article written for you with how to do marketing. The next step is, you need to do sub keywords now.

It really depends on your niche. What you want to accomplish and so on. Sometimes i use this. Sometimes i don’t. But if you don’t use it, then your articles are going to be very general because the software is going to have to decide for you what to write.

But if you want to have more control – and you want to put the bullet points of exactly what this, what you want the software to write about, then you use these com, these um sub keywords. So, for example, you say i want to have an article on how to do marketing um, and i want to the the software to write an article about youtube, for example, also blogging and maybe facebook. Then the software is going to know that it needs to write an article on how to do marketing. But it’s going to write a part, a paragraph or maybe two or three paragraphs about youtube as to do to use youtube as marketing blogging and then facebook. And you can do up to five sub keywords that way you have more control and your articles are going to be much more targeted, so definitely worth just putting a few of the of the the sub keyboards in there.

It’S going to be much more relevant and you can also switch to bulk article editor, which is very powerful, which means you can instead of doing one by one article. You can set up as many articles as you want really, but, for example, you can do 10 articles and you can set up this one 10 times and then just walk away from your computer. Just leave it and come back a little bit later and all the all the articles are going to be written for you, um, so really powerful stuff. Now that’s pretty much all you have to do here. Then you have a few choices.

The article length um, you can have very short short medium long. I always always choose a long 750, but if you want to have longer you can combine two articles. For example, right you can have two articles and put them together in your wordpress blog, and you can have almost 1500 words right, so you can do that. So i usually use 750 Add titles i always use this one because it’s going to create a title which is going to be pretty similar to what you put as your main keyword. But it’s going to do a title, create a title for you.

It’S going to create. You can also have an image. I also do this. It’S going to select an image, that’s going to put in the article and i’ll also do this one. It’S going to put a youtube video which is relevant to whatever your article is about.

You can also replace keywords with links. I don’t use this one and you can actually have the the the article directly posted to your wordpress blog. Sometimes i use it sometimes not. I don’t use the spinning myself and that’s it. Then you click on create article.

It takes about what i would say about two minutes, usually um, and if you want to have more articles written, then you just switch to the bulk article editor. Now that is a simple. This is simple, as that, that’s all you have to do. You can set up your post schedule. You can do this directly here from the from their main page.

It’S it’s up to you, but the quality of the articles is pretty good, go and try it out for yourself. Click on the link below sign up for a free trial. You have five days to try out the software, and then you only have to pay after five days or you can. You can cancel it. Uh just make sure you cancel it before five days 57 per month.

I think, is very reasonable for the amount of articles that you can have automatically created for you. If you go with the yearly plans, only 27, which is an excellent price, so go and check it out. Thanks for watching i’ll, see you in another video.