Articoolo vs Article Forge (2021): Which One Is Better?

This is my Articoolo vs Article Forge review for 2021. Let’s take a look at these 2 software solutions for AI copywriting in detail.

What is Article Forge? Article Forge is one of the best tools for creating tons of unique content quickly, you just have to enter a keyword and this application will automatically create an article within 1-2 minutes.

How does Article Forge work?

Article Forge is a new AI-powered app that can write content for you by scraping millions of articles and learning what it needs to know about the topic. It then spins text, paragraphs, or sentences into original material with no duplicates!

Article Forge reads millions of articles, learning everything it needs to know about that topic and creates original content in its own words. Basically, the software scrapes relevant web pages for topics you want information on before writing new sentences with an impressive level of detail.

Article Forge streamlines the process of writing an article by giving you control over every step. From entering your keyword, choosing a length, and adding images to generate citations for academic research papers – it’s easy as can be!

You can choose between two different subscription plans for Article Forge. The monthly plan is $57/month and the yearly plan is only $324 per year! Both subscriptions allow you to create unlimited articles.

What is Articoolo? Articoolo is a new software that helps writers create articles without lifting a finger. With this tool, you can write an article on any topic with just the push of one button! It’s never been easier to double your content creation time and get those clever ideas out there in front of more readers than ever before.

How does Articoolo work?

Articoolo is a natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology that creates top-quality, proofread unique content. This process takes the time of an average writer to produce work in seconds by only inputting keywords into their system!

Articoolo natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology create top-quality, proofread content from scratch. This is just like a human writer would do! You select the topic of your post or article, how long it needs to be (between 500 – 10 000 words), then input one keyword in order for Articook’s computer system to automatically generate fresh content you can use online without plagiarizing others’ work.

With Articoolo, you can create professional-sounding articles for your business that are both engaging and informative. After inputting the keyword of your choice in their simple interface, all you have to do is wait a few seconds before they pop up with the most relevant keywords from which to choose – sometimes it may take some time if these words don’t come naturally or easily at first.

Articoolo allows you to choose from a variety of subscription packages ranging in cost and number of articles. You can get 30 articles for $29/month, 100 articles for $49/month, or 250 posts at the highest tier level costing an affordable $99 per month. The more expensive plans include additional features such as automatic file backup with Google Drive automatically backing up your work!

Articoolo gives you two options: a pay-per-article plan which ranges from 10$ to 100$, and subscription plans that have much better value than the pay-per-article plan starting at only 29$.

Why I recommend Article Forge over Articoolo

Here are the reasons why I recommend Article Forge over Articoolo:

  1. The interface is much easier to use. It’s more intuitive and has a visual editor that makes it easy to create your content on the go, without needing any knowledge of HTML code or other complicated tasks.
  2. Article Forge is an AI robot that churns out articles with no errors, but the content may not be as engaging and interesting for readers. Articoolo finds a variety of sources to compile into one article using natural language processing techniques in order to make it more readable while still maintaining its originality.
  3. Articoolo is a good site for writers who want to create an article quickly. However, when it comes to creating quality articles on the first try, Article Forge blows Articoolo out of the water.
  4. For the professional looking for a more reliable and sophisticated solution, Article Forge is an excellent choice. It offers many additional features that Articoolo does not have such as language translation services which help to ensure your article has been created accurately in various languages.
  5. Articoolo requires you to publish articles in plain text format only (meaning they show up with ugly formatting), whereas Article Forge lets you publish your articles in rich text format (meaning they show up with beautiful formatting).
  6. Articoolo is free for the basic version, but this only allows up to two social media accounts and one email account. This limits usage considerably if you have a team or work on more than one project at once. The premium version offered by Articoolo costs $19/month and has additional limitations–you can’t use it for commercial purposes, which makes it unsuitable for some businesses that need blog posts on an ongoing basis.
  7. ArticleForge offers a professional plan priced at just $59/month per user that includes unlimited blogs, unlimited pages of content, unlimited emails and RSS feeds publishing options, as well as the ability to use it for commercial purposes.
  8. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, which makes using ArticleForge a breeze if you’re not familiar with WordPress or blogging at all. I’ve found that Articoolo’s features are clunky–even after paying for their premium version! It can be difficult to find what you want because of how many menus there are in the admin panel, and they make no sense when compared to any other website builder out there (let alone one specifically designed for blogs).

I recommend Article Forge over Articoolo because of our articles in rich text format, ease of use, lower monthly rate per user than competitors like Articoolo.

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Article Forge uses a system of insightful algorithms that automatically rewrite articles to sound like they were written by human beings. The intelligent algorithm will research any topic and read an infinite number of articles before writing the article in its own words, with search engine optimization included for optimum results.

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