The Best Video Sales Letter Software for Marketing Videos

Video marketing is an excellent tool for capturing attention and building trust with your audience. However, it takes a significant investment of time and money to create quality videos.

This article will introduce you to the best video sales letter software that can help you create high-quality marketing videos without breaking the bank!

The best video sales letter software is EasyVSL.

With the help of EasyVSL, you can create stunning video sales letters to convert more leads and make your company even better. With an easy-to-use system with no technical skills or know-how needed, this is a perfect choice for all new businesses out there trying their best!

What is EasyVSL?

Easy VSL is a software by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen that’s meant to help you create video sales letters. The program features simple drag-and-drop templates and wizards for making videos quickly without needing any previous knowledge of design programs – all in just minutes!

You can use it on both Macs or PCs since the interface seamlessly adapts based on your computer system choice.

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EasyVSL Features

EasyVSL is the ultimate time-saving software for anyone who’s ever created slides. This amazing tool allows you to paste your content in and it automatically generates a presentation that looks professional, polished, and easy on the eyes!

And with custom fonts & background themes preloaded into EasyVSL, all of these features are at your fingertips without spending countless hours searching Google Play or App Store for premium options.

Did you know that when you upload an audio file to EasyVSL, it will automatically convert your speech into text and match the sound with a specific slide!

How to Create a Video Sales Letter with EasyVSL

All you need is your story and this software. All of the steps are automated, so there’s no need for any previous design skills whatsoever! Just choose from one of the many templates available in the program, then start adding your slides into it by dragging and dropping them.

This makes it so easy to turn your thoughts into a video sales letter that will wow your audience and make you look like the brilliant marketer you are – without any of the hassle or design skills needed!

Excellent for:

– Startups who need marketing videos fast, but don’t have time to get them done by themselves

– Business owners who don’t have a budget to spend on professional design artists

– Anyone looking for the perfect video sales letter software that will make your business skyrocket!

What Is a Video Sales Letter?

Video sales letters are all the rage right now in marketing. In a video, you can use techniques such as music and sound effects to create an engaging atmosphere for your potential customer. You might also want to incorporate graphics or other visuals that will help them understand what they should do next with their life (or purchase).

A “video sales letter” is basically just another form of print advertising; it’s using videos instead of words on paper which tends not to reach people who have abandoned traditional TV viewing habits like younger generations.

Video sales letters have become more popular because people are tired of having to read a long product description. They would much rather watch an engaging video that gives them the information they need in order to make their decision and purchase without any hassle or confusion.

The videos provide customers with everything about the products, before making a final call on whether or not they want it themselves as well as potential customer reactions from other clients who also bought it – even if those reviews were positive too!

Do Video Sales Letters Perform Better Than Text?

You might think text-only sales letters are the way to go, but did you know that video is better? When people can see who they’re selling their product to and what it looks like in action, it builds trust. Plus visuals make for a great education tool!

You should use video sales letters for your company!

It’s a great way to reach out and connect with potential clients who may be interested in what you’re selling, but don’t have the time or patience to read through lengthy text listings. With EasyVSL, it’s possible to create dramatic marketing videos that will sell more products and make your company even better!

Why use a Video Sales Letter

If you want to maximize your sales and boost your conversion rates, then it’s time to invest in video sales letter software. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of communicating with customers today. It works better than text or images because it can convey more information quickly.

Plus, a well-made video will leave viewers feeling inspired and wanting more!

So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, make sure that you follow these five steps before investing in any video sales letter software:

1) Determine what type of videos are best for your business

2) Find out how much money you have available for investment

3) Research different companies who offer this service

4) Compile a list of your top three choices

I’ve put together this handy little step-by-step guide for you to follow in order to get the most out of video sales letter software.

How to Write a Video Sales Letter

A video sales letter is one of the simplest, most effective marketing tools you can use. A well-executed video will help boost your conversion rates as it has been proven that videos are more persuasive than written copy or images alone when communicating with customers. With just an hour and some simple equipment, you can produce a video that will help grow your business and generate more leads.

  1. Step One: Decide on the goal of your video sales letter. The typical goals include increasing product awareness, generating interest in an offer, or building a desire to buy. Think about what is most important for this particular project – which objective do you think would have the most impact on sales.
  2. Step Two: Identify your audience. How old are they, what gender are they, do you think there is a particular personality type for people who would be interested in this project? This will help determine which elements to include in the video as well as how to speak and act when filming it. If you are unsure, think about how your audience may want to be spoken to and act in the video.
  3. Step Three: Determine a budget for production. How much do you have available? Are there any local video production shops that could help you turn this project around quickly without breaking the bank? If not, is it possible that someone else in your organization may be able to help with production?
  4. Step Four: Select a topic. What is the general purpose and message of this video? Will it be an overview, testimonial, or demonstration? Where will you film it – at home in front of a whiteboard or on location somewhere different like at work or outside on location near your product?
  5. Step Five: Write the script. You’ll want to include a few sentences about what your video will be about and who it is for, as well as some copy that sells the product or service you are trying to sell. Resist the urge to reveal too much information in this section – save something compelling for when your prospect has made it to the end of your letter.
  6. Step Six: Determine what visuals will accompany your video. You may want to use a countdown timer or have graphics on the screen that help tell the story as you speak, such as a before and after shot of someone who used one of your products for success. What will be most effective in terms of visuals?
  7. Step Seven: Film your video. This is the hardest step, but also one of the most important as you’ll be recording a message that will have an impact on people’s lives and their ability to take action on what you are saying. Practice before filming by reading through it aloud in front of a mirror or camera until you feel comfortable in your delivery, then take it one sentence at a time.
  8. Step Eight: Edit the video and add any audio or visual effects that you may have planned for beforehand. You’ll want to spend some time looking at the final video before you release it to make sure that everything is in place and works well together.
  9. Step Nine: Promote your video – share on social media, post a link on your blog or website, submit it to article directories like Ezine Articles or GoArticles so others can find it easily as an additional lead generation idea.


EasyVsl is an excellent choice of video sales letter software because it’s easy to use and affordable. It offers many templates and options for you to choose from so that your video will be customized and unique.

EasyVSL is the video sales letter software that was built with marketers in mind, and it’s as easy to use for beginners as it is powerful enough to be used by experts. The best part about EasyVSL? It can help you create an amazing marketing campaign without any prior knowledge or training!

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