Can a bot write an essay?

AI-powered essay bot can generate thousands of essays in seconds. In the future, it could be generating all your essays for you!

What is a bot?

A bot is a computer program that can automatically perform tasks, often on the Internet.

According to Wikipedia, an automated online account is referred to as a social media bot, chatbot, chatterbot, or artificial lifeform.

Bot accounts are often programmed with datasets of synthetic information so they can reply in real-time without human interaction.   Many bots are simple, acting on a single command.

Bot accounts can also be programmed to interact with humans in natural language online. Many are used for entertainment or as a service, like delivering weather forecasts.

Chatbots are one of the most popular forms of bot because they help to automate repetitive conversations and tasks that often bog down customer service teams.

Commonly used chatbots include Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant.

A lot of students use essay writing services to help them complete their assignments. Many students choose these services because they don’t have the time or the skill to write high-quality essays in a short space of time. An article published by The Guardian in 2014 found that essay writing services are becoming increasingly popular. There are over 8,000 students who use this type of service every year in the UK alone.

In October 2017, a new app was released called Mechanical Turk, which is powered by artificial intelligence and can write an essay for you.   This app is just one example of how technology is taking away jobs from people and causing them to be replaced by machines.

Why would someone want to use a bot for essay writing

It can take years to become a good writer, but now you may not have to. A new AI assistant developed by researchers at the University of Albany might be able to do it for you – and it could do it far faster than any human graduate student.

The software has generated thousands of unique essays on more than 160 topics in less than a day.

“It can produce thousands of essays, but not good ones,” said Xiaolan Yang, assistant professor at the University at Albany and one of the researchers who developed the system. “This is just for fun.”

Yang’s team trained their neural network on many interesting articles from different sources across many topics. By analyzing these texts, their AI was able to generate new sentences that followed the general topic.

It then tried to piece together those sentences into an essay. However, as of right now it’s not very good at this part. It has trouble forming a coherent narrative and including all the necessary information in each paragraph.

However, Yang believes that it is only a matter of time until it can do so. In fact, AI like this has the potential to create excellent essays without even having access to a dictionary or thesaurus.

In the meantime, all you have to do is enter your topic and then click “Generate Essay”. The software will try its best to write in an acceptable style.

So far, this software has generated essays on everything from the importance of tea to the relevance of toast in our lives.  It seems that there is nothing that can hold back the march of technology! In fact, it’s already set its sights on a new target: literature.

Take a look at these examples to see if you can tell which ones were written by humans and which were generated by a computer:

It’s not easy to distinguish the two types of writing, is it?  In fact, most people can’t even spot the difference. But that might change in the near future. Maybe one day you will be able to get your essays for free.  Maybe one day you will be able to get all your research papers for free.  And maybe one day, AI assistants like this will become so efficient that they’ll start producing amazing art and music for us too!

The advantages of using a bot for essay writing

There are some big advantages of using a bot for essay writing:

1.       You will be able to order the essay of your choice.  Most people don’t realize that there are different styles of essay writing you can choose from. For example, if you are an American student, it’s likely that the essays that you’ve been taught at college or high school were written according to the “MLA” format.  However, there are other styles that you can choose from too.  For example, some people prefer to write “Chicago Style” ones instead. If you want a British essay writing in UK English, then you can just ask for one of these also!

2.       You can have the same writer assigned to work on your essay each time.  This is especially useful if you are a student who needs an urgent essay produced. You wouldn’t want your assignment to be passed around from writer to writer because this can cause issues with consistency in style and the overall quality of their work.

3.       It’s very competitively priced.  Bot writers are only a few dollars per page, so you will be able to get several pages of essay writing for the price that most people would normally pay to have ONE page produced.

4.       You can rest assured knowing that all the essays written by your bot writer have been carefully proofread and edited.  A lot of essay writers make the mistake of sending in their work without doing this. This means that there will be quite a few errors and mistakes in their work, which can lose you marks on your assignment! However, if you use one of your bot writer’s services then all the essays they produce have been proofread by another human before being sent to you.

If you’re a student, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many benefits to using a bot for essay writing.

For example, it can help reduce the amount of stress that students feel when they struggle to meet the deadlines for their essays and other assignments.  It can help give them more time to relax and focus on their social life.

Also, using a bot for essay writing means that you’ll be able to get your work done faster than ever before and at a high quality.  As well as this, it can help you with the fact that not all students are good writers.

If you’re someone who struggles to write an essay in under three hours, this AI assistant will be able to write one for you in less than a day.  However, it should be noted that the essays written by this software aren’t very good right now.

Disadvantages of using a bot for essay writing

As well as there being many advantages to using a bot for essay writing, there are also some disadvantages.

For example, this software isn’t very good at writing high-quality essays that get you good grades in all of your classes.  Another disadvantage is that it can only work on certain topics and not for novels or research papers.

As well as this, there might also be some ethical issues with the software if it’s used by students to write and submit essays.  This is because humans will struggle to compete with the speed at which these bots are able to work.

And perhaps the biggest disadvantage of using a bot for essay writing is that most people do not want to be using these types of software.  They believe that it’s cheating and that there is no real “skill” required for this type of work.

However, you can overcome the disadvantage of bot essay writing being seen as “cheating.”  If you are a student who uses this service, you could say that you’re only using the bot software to help you write an essay quickly.  Then, if you use one of your own human writers to review what the bot has written for you (and edit it as necessary), then there should be no problem with using this type of essay writing service.


As a student, you know that writing essays can be difficult. However, if you use a bot for essay writing then it should help to reduce the amount of stress and pressure that students feel when they are struggling to meet deadlines or produce high-quality work.

AI writing software will also enable you to get your assignment done faster than ever before while still maintaining quality. As well as this, there are many advantages in using one of these services such as being able to write on any topic at all and not just limiting themself to specific topics like novels or research papers.

Another advantage is eliminating errors by having an expert proofread every single piece of content before sending it out so you’ll have nothing but a clean copy!