Can AI Write Books?

Artificial intelligence is changing the world. It has become so advanced that AI can now write books! That’s right, machine learning algorithms are being used to create text-based stories and novels.

This is a game-changing development because it makes AI software programs as good at writing books as humans!

This has huge implications for the publishing industry. AI book writers can churn out books much more quickly than traditional authors. Their works are also of higher quality, with fewer errors. And they don’t need to receive royalty payments. The advances in AI mean that the book market is changing forever. The question now is: will AI books become more popular than traditional human-written publications?

Will they replace paper books?

The key to making AI capable of writing stories was to understand how the brain works when it reads or creates text. Researchers discovered that language skills seem to depend on general intelligence, and according to some, “reading is a type of reverse engineering”. They also concluded that the written language can be measured by an individual’s ability to read something and replicate it later with their own voice. In other words, copying what someone else has previously produced requires understanding the thoughts behind what has been written. If you are able to duplicate someone else’s work in your own style, then it shows that you are creative. This ability is called “duplication fluency”.

In order to write books, the AI-first had to learn how to replicate the human style and thought patterns. It needed to understand what sentences were grammatically correct, and why certain words were used rather than others. It had to interpret thoughts and feelings in characters within a story, in order to create something believable and relatable. The software was then able to apply this learning by writing original content. It still did not have an understanding of emotions or reason, but it could mimic general human language fluency (i.e., copying).

The robots are coming! And they want your job!

This development raises lots of questions about the future of book writing and publishing. Some humans will be out of work, but there will also be new opportunities for budding AI authors to get their own stories published. We don’t know how many books are going to be written by machines in the future, but according to a recent report, “the market is huge”. One estimate was that up to 10% of all text-based content may soon be created by machine learning algorithms! Computers have already been used to generate more than 150,000 news articles per year. It has also been estimated that within the next two years artificial intelligence will write one million articles on sports alone.

Apart from just writing, AI can also create storylines. A famous example comes from Jon Favreau’s movie “Iron Man”. For example, the character Jarvis was created by a software program. In fact, AI machines may soon be better than humans at creating new characters. It could also be used to take inspiration from real life in order to generate ideas for fictional stories. In this way, AI can start producing original fiction much quicker than most human authors!

Although some people are worried about the rise of machines (because they will put us out of work), others believe it could have many benefits for society as well. For example, some professionals may find that their jobs become more interesting and enjoyable because they now need to collaborate with AI systems on a daily basis.

A sample book written entirely by machine learning algorithms has already been published. This story titled, “The Day A Computer Writes A Best-Seller”, was written by two Ph.D. computer scientists and is the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) best-seller. The book describes a future in which an AI system starts to write its own novel, with unexpected results.

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