Can You Make Money With A Home Based Business In 2020

This article is about the question of if you can actually make money with a home-based business, even as a beginner starting today.



I can talk about this because I have been making money on the internet for many many years, so I know that it is possible now, even if you are a complete beginner starting today.

There are so many opportunities online, but it’s really important that you understand what the opportunities are, and how you can get into those opportunities, and make it happen for you. This is a time where I want to give back, and I want to share what I’ve learned, to make money online for many many years, and I want to make everything very clear for you!

Basically, can you make money online that, starting today, if you have a very clear vision of how you want to make money online. Because there’s a lot of articles and videos about making a bit of money. You really need to have a clear vision, of how you want to make money online seriously, and I’m gonna talk about the 3 ways that you can make money online in this article.


Three ways that you can make money online

The first way that you can make money online, is by having your own products or services.

If you have your own products or services, then you go online, and you will sell your products or services. This could be a physical product. This could be something you imported, something you made, or that you sourced from your local area, and you can sell online using online marketing.

Now, online marketing has a lot of different facets to it. But I’ll give you a very simple example: let’s say you have local food that you want to sell online right now. You can go and create a blog about this. You can write about your local area, talking about why this product is so healthy and supports the local community and the local business community.

You can go and start a YouTube channel and sharing the benefits of this product that people will find you. You can do a Facebook page, you can set up a Facebook page about this product, so you see what I mean, there are so many different ways that you can promote your own products or services.

Having your own course is another great way to market online. You can, whatever you are good at if you’re good at cooking. If you are good at fixing things, if you’re good at online marketing, if you’re good at web design, there are so many opportunities that you can go for.

So if you want to make money online, you can do this by promoting your own products or services.

Now, in a second, I’m gonna show you the third way, which I think is the best to start, to make money online, especially if you are a total beginner. So do stay tuned for that.

But let’s go to number two. So basically, three ways to make money online right. The first one to have your own products or service. The second one is to make money through ads. Now, yes, you can make money through ads. A lot of people are making money through ads now you’re here on YouTube right now, there’s a lot of people who make money and their main income is from the YouTube ads.

This is where you have a lot of views, and you see these ads. They pop up at the beginning of the video in the middle of the video, sometimes below the video to the right of the video I mean there are different ads around now. Whoever is the creator of that content will get a piece of the action they will get a part of that income through ads.

So you can make money through ads through a YouTube channel, but you can also make money through ads from a block, and I’m also going to do a lot of videos both about YouTube and blogs. How to make money through ads, because the money you can make is considerable. If you have a well-running YouTube channel, this could be any topic really. This could be also with your face on camera or without your face on the camera. I’ll be talking about different things about this, and these videos are coming out soon so make sure to subscribe, and also, I would I’ll be talking about making money through ads with blocks.

Now, there’re ways: you can make very little money through ads, but there are other ways where you can make very good money and we’re talking about a thousand dollars plus per month and there’s a lot of people who are making that kind of money also.

Now. The third way to make money online is definitely my favorite. It’s what I have been focusing on a lot as well. I have my own product services as well. I do make money through ads as well, but definitely, this third way is the best way for seasoned marketers. But definitely, if you are beginning, if you’re a total beginner, then I would go with the way number three, and that is called affiliate marketing.

Now, basically, what it is is that you don’t have your own product or service, but you’re, promoting somebody else’s product or service and in return, if a sale is made, you get a commission, but the first time I heard about this was, I was a quite blown away.

I was working in a job in London and I was looking for starting my own business years ago and I started to look around and, as I found this thing called affiliate marketing and it blew my mind because I was first. I was thinking of starting my own product, which is hard when you’re getting started, definitely possible and you can make very good money doing that. But it is not the easiest thing to get started with.

So I was kind of struggling with which product should I sell. Should I import a product? What service should I offer, because it’s not a small thing to start a whole product or service from scratch, but then I found out about this thing called affiliate marketing, and blew my mind! I was it’s like okay, they have this. All l I have to do, is going out and promote it, and if the sale is made, I get a chunk, a chunk the of the profit. I get a commission and that just changed everything for me!

So, I went for that and I made a lot of money doing that, and that is such a great way to make money because you can be a total beginner. All you need to have is an audience and to that audience that you create, you will tell them about the offer that you’re promoting right make sure it’s a valuable product or service that you believe in it and all you’re doing is telling your audience about it. This is a really good way to make money online.

The other one that I didn’t talk about, which is a totally separate article, is to do online jobs, and you can make a lot of money with that as well, but I’m gonna keep that separate for another article coming out soon. Things like freelancing, you can make very good money as well, but this article I want to talk about setting up your own online business.