Content Marketing For Beginners : A Tutorial Step by Step Guide

I wanted to share the importance of content marketing with you and a bit of a step-by-step guide, so you can see how valuable content marketing can be for you for your online business, whether you have a proper business that is selling services or products online.


Doing internet marketing, so this is a step by step guide. First of all, let’s take a look at what is content marketing is something that I’ve been implementing in my online businesses and also in my online marketing, and it’s something which is very, very valuable.

Now, what is content marketing? It’s a strategic marketing approach, focusing on creating and distributing, so it is creating content.

Something that I realized some time ago is that you don’t always have to communicate and sell your own brand, your own products, and services. You need to give valuable, so here we have here is valuable, relevant, and consistent content, so you don’t always have to sell your products and your services to your customers. You need to give valuable content about your industry, about yourself about your brand, and this needs to be relevant about your industry, about your particular niche, and it needs to be consistent.

Now you need to become a leader in your field, whether you’re in a particular niche or you’re in a particular industry. You need to become a leader in that industry, and how do you do that? How do you communicate that to your potential customers? You do this by doing content, marketing now content marketing. As I said, it needs to be valuable, not just some, not so important, quick content that is quickly produced. They really need to be valuable and needs to give an answer to a question that people have in your industry and really give an in-depth answer that really helps them to solve their problem, so make sure that that you’re creating and distributed, creating and distributing on a Consistent basis, valuable and relevant content – and this will be to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and ultimately to produce a profitable customer interaction.

So why do we do this?

Well? First of all, we want to show that we are a leader in our industry and we want to give valuable information to our potential customers. The customer is coming to you because they need something they have a problem or to have an issue, or that needs help with something and that’s what your products or services are going to fix. Now you need to help that customer by giving them valuable information, but you need to really be specific to that audience.

So if, for example, if you’re having somebody who needs to get more traffic to their website because they have an online business, but they don’t have enough leads to do to make the sales so they’re going to come to you to get a piece of advice for search engine. Optimization how to do better conversions, how to get more traffic to their website. So what you do is you give them valuable tips and information of how they can do that and just be generous and really give them something that they can use, and ultimately, the result is that they will recognize that you are an authority in that particular niche. In that particular industry, and that will create the basis of profitable customer interaction, and this is something that some people forget to do because they’re so focused on selling their service or their product that they forget about helping their potential customer.

It is all about creating a relationship with your customer and not just making a quick sale, because if you develop a relationship with your potential customer, then guess what that customer is going to become a customer for a very long time. And that is the ultimate aim now, why do we do content marketing, as I said before, is a tactic that helps you to improve your brand. The brand-aware awareness, let’s take, let’s talk about this first of all brand awareness. That is something that I have been working on very hard and, with my different online businesses is to really focus on the brand. I have to be honest in the beginning, when I started 15 years ago doing online business. I didn’t focus so much on brand awareness, but it is something that I have come to realize that is so important when you want to be successful in any business and especially online, you need to create brand awareness. People need to know your brand and they need to recognize that your brand stands for quality. And how do you do that? Well, you can spend a lot of money on advertising which is going to cost you a lot of money or you can do it smartly. You can do it by using content marketing and I’m not talking about just selling your product and services on and on and on just to make a quick sale. No, it’s about developing a relationship finding out.

What does your potential customer need? Why should they come to you?

What is it that they need help with and then giving them information and relevant content to help them with that problem that issue now, what is that going to do? Well, it’s going to create a relationship between you and your customer, and it eventually is going to help you to boost sales when the brand has been built for your company or for yourself as a brand as well. People are just going to buy from you automatically because people buy from brands. That is something that I learned some time ago and is something that is really really valuable.

So you need to connect with your target audience members and engage with your prospects and customers. It’s all about engagement, it’s about sharing, content, valuable, specific content with them, and then community communicating and sharing with them this information. So it definitely means that content marketing is a long-term strategy. It is not something again.

This comes back to the point that it is not a quick sale where you try to sell something very quickly. No, it’s about developing a long term relationship, so it is a long term strategy and that strategy will help you to form very strong, long-term relationships. With your target audience, this is done by giving a really really high quality, targeted content that is very relevant to them, but also Niek. You need to make sure that it goes on for a consistent basis, because, if you’re helping somebody just now and then that is not the basis of a good relationship just in any relationship, it’s about consistency, people need to know that you’re there for them that they can count on you so whatever valuable, targeted content that you’re creating it needs to be done on a consistent basis?

Now, let’s take a look at what is? What are the results of content marketing? Why should we do this? Why should we spend our time giving consistent valuable content for free, basically to our potential customers? What’S in it for us, you could ask well, first of all, you’re going to educate your leads and prospects about the products and services you offer now, instead of just selling whatever you have to offer, be it a proper business with products and services or you’re doing online marketing and you’re developing yourself as a brand as an authority in a particular field.

This is a way for you to educate what you are about. What your product and services are all about. It’s all about educating and communicating instead of direct sales, which is so much more valuable and so much more bring so much much better results. It will definitely boost conversions if you’re going to do hard, sell and just do lots of advertising and try to make a quick sale. You’re gonna have to spend a lot of money because your conversions are going to going to be low because there is no relationship. People don’t know you, people don’t know your brand people, don’t know your products and services. So it’s going to take a lot of effort in terms of ads and money spend before people will actually make a Buy from you and that you will get the conversion. It will build, also a relationship between your customer and your business. It’s all about relationships.

The best salespeople are the ones who have developed a relationship with their potential customer once that relationship is there the sale? This comes automatic and that’s what you should be aiming for as well, no matter if you have an online business with products and services or you do online marketing or affiliate marketing, it’s all about the relationship that people trust you and that they see you as an authority and then they will buy from you automatically now. You also need to connect with your audience to show them how the products and services will solve their challenges.

Now people come to you, whether in your business or as an affiliate, marketer whatever it might be, they come to you because they have something that needs to be fixed. They want to make money online, they want to have more traffic to their website. They want to move, they went, they want to make more sales from their products and their services, so they have, they have an issue, they have a problem and they’re coming there. Looking for an answer – and that’s where you step in and you give them valuable, valuable content that will help them to solve their problem and you will communicate how when they become a customer, those problems will be solved even more in-depth. It also creates a sense of community around your brand that people really want to be part of your brand now.

Finally, how do we do content marketing now, content?

Marketing is something you really need to look at yourself, whether it’s your ear promoting yourself as a personal brand or you’re trying to sell your products and services. You really need to see yourself as a content marketing agency, if you like, if you would go to an advertising agency or PR agency, and you would tell them that you want to communicate all these different elements about your business about yourself, then they would develop A content strategy with different factors in it. Well, it is really important that you do this yourself, because if you want to be successful, if you want to develop relationships, it is always better that you develop this in-house, because, first of all, it will be a lot more powerful and genuine when it comes directly

From you, and also you are the one who is best in communicating what you care about, what your products and services are about now. What I would strongly suggest that you would do is that you would create valuable, targeted content that then you can promote that you can deliver through different platforms.

For example, you can answer a specific question that your target audience has and give really valuable if useful information and then deliver that through different platforms, for example, you can create a blog on your website and you can do a nice article really going into depth about A certain topic: you can also do a podcast and put it on your website. You can do a video on your website or on YouTube, and, of course, you should spread all that. Those messages through your social media – and you need to do this on a consistent basis, don’t just put out one or two pieces of content.

You really need to look at all the different questions that people in your target audience have and really make a strategy out of it.