ConvertKit Email Marketing For Beginners Review

This article is about on ConvertKit email marketing for beginners, so if you’re a total beginner and you want to start off with email marketing, how can you do this easily and effectively with ConvertKit.


I will show all in this video coming up right now: okay, let’s get started or right away. The first thing we need to talk about is why ConvertKit what ConvertKit is a software that i absolutely love because I’ve used so many different emails, marketing, software and some are so complicated. It takes you so long just to understand how to do everything and when you’re doing online marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on.

You want to be busy promoting products for promoting your products and services and not learning a complicated software package. So when I started using ConvertKit, I learned how to use it within just one day and I started using it the same day, so that is really really good. I love this software so much if you decide to get a convert kit, I have some very special bonuses. If you decide to sign up through me, all details are in the description below now on how to start to do email marketing as a beginner. Now the first thing you need to do is you need to get people on your list, and how do you do this? Well, you do this by having a lead, magnet gone are the days when you can just put a banner on your website saying subscribe to my newsletter that is going to have a very low conversion rate.

People need to have a reason to get on to your email list, so you need to give them a reason, a reason by having a lead magnet now. What is a lead magnet, I’m going to give you an example: I’m just going on an on the travel blog here. This is a lead magnet right here. So instead of asking just okay sign up for my newsletter, you know subscribe to my channel whatever it is. This guy, this is very effective. He is giving a reason why people should sign up to his list he’s giving free bonuses, so whatever, whatever you’re, giving out a free trial of free bonus of free guide, make sure that you have something to give away because that is going to be your lead. Magnet and that’s the way you’re gonna have subscribers to your list. How do you do this in ConvertKit very easy, I’m in the I’m in ConvertKit right now – and here we have your subscriber’s broadcast means you send out one email, a special email, for example, to some subscribers or to everyone.

Now, these are the most powerful sections here, these three. First of all, let’s talk about landing pages, so the first thing you need to do is have a landing page or a form to collect email, email emails from new subscribers, so you can do it very easily. You can create a form which is this one. This is just the form, so you can create a new form in ConvertKit and you can choose. You know we want a sticky bar slide in a bit in the text inline and so on.

So there are different ways to do a form: it’s just going back or you can have a full landing page, which is also very powerful. You can create these beautiful landing pages and you can have these landing pages either through a WordPress plugin, which is very easy to do to have this landing page on your website or you can have them host it on the server’s of ConvertKit and you just get A special URL which you can customize, so that is a very easy way to do so. \

That’s step number one! You create a lead magnet to collect your email addresses next. Are you need to create a sequence? Let’S just do a test, so you need to go to sequences and create a sequence. Now, what is a sequence? A sequence is a series of emails that you are going to send to your list. Now you can create as many emails as you want. You’Re going to start off with and do this one to zero because you want to send a welcome. So you just put a welcome to my list.

You write a nice email welcoming people to your list what they’re gonna what I can expect for my list. What you’re going to be sending them, and so on so immediately you send them a welcome email. Then, after one day, the next email, and one day later or you can do tea two days later three days later, you can create it as you want. That is a sequence, so it is as simple as that. As soon as you start to get emails, people subscribing to your list through the forum or the landing page, this sequence will be started to send out immediately. You can make it even more powerful. Is you can create automation, which is here? These are some templates of automation, so you can make it very powerful.

Let’s say you have somebody sign up to your list as we show you here, they sign up to your list and they get sent the sequence. Number one that we just created, but you have also a second product, maybe a second affiliate product. So, as soon as that sequence is finished, you’re going to send them sequence number two of your second affiliate product and you can keep going to send them different sequences. As long as you want, this is really really powerful and easy to do in Convertkit.