ConvertKit Email Sequence Explained

Welcome to my article on the ConvertKit email sequence.


I will show you exactly what an email sequence is in ConvertKit and how to create it coming up right now: okay, let’s get started right away now. First of all, why use ConvertKit? Well, I love ConvertKit because it is quality software that is very user friendly, and that is very important for me because we are all busy. So when we want to do business online, we want to focus our time on promoting our products and services affiliate products. Whatever we do and not really learn a software system, that’s complicated, and that takes a long time to get to know and with ConvertKit. I actually learned how to use the software and use it within one day. It is that easy and user-friendly. Now, if you are interested to get ConvertKit, I have some very special bonuses. If you decide to sign up through me, all the details are in the description below now. Let’S take a look at how to create a sequence in ConvertKit, I’m here in the software of ConvertKit, and here are the sequences, so you just click there, and then you can give it a name.

This is a sequence. Now, first of all, what is a sequence? A sequence is a series of emails that you are going to send to a particular list, so you can build a landing page or a landing form. That is maybe on your website. You can also have landing pages that are hosted by ConvertKit. Have some other videos on my channel. You can check that out as well. So once you have a list, you want to send a series of emails to them, which is called a sequence. You can send as many emails as you want now. I definitely need to start off. First of all, you put this 1 to 0 because then it’s going to send it immediately.

So when somebody signs up to your list, you want to send a welcome email. So you write a nice title and you write you, you welcome them to to your list. You say what I going, what you’re going to send them in the next few days. You just write a very nice welcome email to them. Then you put your second email, your third email, and so on, and you can, for example, this one is going to be sent one day after the welcome email. Then the next one you can say. Well, I want to send this one-two day. So this is two days after the second email you see, and maybe this one you want to send four days after so the first day they’re going to get the welcome email the day after the second day they’re going to get your first, the second email. Then, two days later so on the third day, they’re gonna get this email and then five days later.

This one the first day, the second day the third day, the fifth day, and so on. You see what I mean. So you can really set it up and add as many emails as you want. So that is a sequence in ConvertKit and it is really easy to set it up and to make changes to it because you really need to work at it. When you start a new campaign, you might be coming in here and changing some things around you doing some test things to see what works. What doesn’t work so is really really important. Now you create your sequence. It is important too, first of all, create a form to collect emails or to have a landing page, there are some really nice landing pages that you can use. For example, here you can see the landing pages that you can have to collect your emails, and you can just change this as you want.

You can have it hosted on ConvertKit or on your website, or you can just have a forum on your website as well or on your YouTube videos, and so on so make sure to create a landing page or a forum to collect your emails. Then you create a sequence that can be as long as you want. You can send ten fifteen twenty emails. It depends on what kind of campaign it is and if you want to make it more powerful what you do is here. You have automation so in the automation. Just show you a template, you can make it very powerful because you can have okay, you have your list, then.

Once somebody signs up to your list, you send them sequence number one which we just created, but you want to send them. After this sequence, you want to introduce them to maybe affiliate product number two, so you send them sequence number two and you can keep sending them different sequences that that just go one after the other. You can set it up with automation, so this makes it very very powerful, so that is how to create a sequence in ConvertKit. I hope you found this useful if you want to find out more about email marketing.