ConvertKit Landing Page Templates

Welcome to my article on ConvertKit landing page templates. In a moment, you will find out the different page template landing page templates that are available in ConvertKit and they are really amazing, very professional, very good-looking and high quality.

Let’s take a look now. First of all, why ConvertKit, if you’re still thinking about whether to get ConvertKit or not, I’ve used different email software before and some are very complicated. It takes a long time to learn and if you do online business, you want to be focusing most of your time on promoting your products and services. So when I started to use ConvertKit, I actually learned how to how to use ConvertKit and started using it. The same day is very high: quality lots of features and very user-friendly.

If you decide to get ConvertKit, then if you get it through my link, I can offer some really really nice bonuses. All the details are in the description below now. Let’S take a look at the different landing pages: let’s go back here and show you all the landing pages that are available when you go. This is I’m in my account in ConvertKit when you go to landing pages and forms.

This is this: if you choose this one, then you just create a form for it on your website. This is the landing page when you select this one you’re going to have all the different landing page templates within ConvertKit, and they have some really nice good-looking professional high-quality landing pages in ConvertKit. You can start to look at it through different categories such as an ebook. You can do a nose newsletter product profile, video you can you see, you can have em embed your own video into them a webinar.

You can do a webinar as well. So for this take a look at the ones for the e-book, for example. This is very nice-looking. Let’S take a look, you can do a preview, so here we go now this. This is a very, very nice-looking landing page and what you can do is you can edit it and make it look exactly the way you want to so, for example, if we decide to use this one, you just choose this one, and then we can just put Whatever you want only today, for example, you say you just type in and you can put whatever you want and design it.

The way you want to you can have more fields here. You can upload your own picture here. You can even change the background. You can change anything you want on here and then how you want to share this one there are two ways you can either have a code or you can use the WordPress plug-in from covert ConvertKit and have this landing page on your own website or you can have It hosted on the ConvertKit servers, so you can customize a special URL, and so you can you don’t even need a website.

You can have everything hosted on ConvertKit. Have a special URL that you can use and you can even set up a Thank You page.