ConvertKit Pricing Guide Review (2020)

Welcome to this article where I’m going to cover the ConvertKit pricing guide.


How much you need to pay in order to get ConvertKit. All of this is coming up right now. Ok, let’s get started now. First of all, you might be considering whether to get ConvertKit or not.

Now, why should you get ConvertKit now? I think ConvertKit is excellent software and it is very, very user friendly and I think the user-friendly part combined with a lot of nice very powerful features, is so important when you’re a business owner when you’re doing online marketing because you are busy you want to spend your time in promoting products, services and so on, and I’ve used other email marketing software and they can become very complicated.

So you spend a lot of time just learning how to use the software, not in ConvertKit. I learned how to use it and actually started using it within one day. It is really very user friendly. So I love it. If you do decide to get ConvertKit, I have some very special bonuses that you can get. If you decide to sign up through me, all details are in the description. Now, let’s take a look at the pricing of ConvertKit. Now the converter is not the cheapest for sure, but combined with the quality and the powerful features, I think it still is a very good deal, there’s some that will offer $ 10 to start off with or $ 15.

But you have to look in detail about what is included because you might start off with a very low starting price. But as soon as you start to get a number of subscribers to your list, the price will start to go up more and more so. Convertkit is 29 at the moment $ 29 per month, and you can have up to 1,000 subscribers. The great thing is that everything is unlimited, unlimited forms, unlimited email sends you some others might be very cheap, but they’re gonna put a cap on to how many forms you can create how many emails you can send, whereas with ConvertKit you pay one price and Everything is included, so you can see all the different features and you can create a free trial as well to try it out for yourself, which I would highly recommend. So you can have you can play.

You can have a good try and try it out for yourself, and I think you’ll see that it is very user friendly now. What I did is I liked it so much that even after one month, because if you look at the annual price, you save already here for four dollars a month. So that’s a good saving. So I got the annual plan very quickly, but you can just stay on the monthly plan and use it and you can see you can have up to 1000 subscribers, not just to show you inside the software. It’S really really powerful and very easy to use. Basically, when you’re in your software here you have your subscribers, you have your broadcast, which is a one-off email.

If you want to send off a one-off email, you have a new blog post, you have a new product. You want to set out send off the send off a one-time: email than to have those two and basically the three most powerful ones are the ones right here. First of all, the landing page or form you can create very nice landing pages. You can create very nice forms to collect your subscribers to your list. Then you can send out a sequence.

The sequence is a series of emails that you’re going to send to your list and then you can even create very powerful automation and automation. Let’S take a look at the templates here and automation is basically somebody signs up to your list. Then they are sent automate as sequence number one. Maybe your first affiliate product then after this you can send them sequence number two, maybe your second affiliate product, so you can make it very, very powerful.

So for the price that you pay, you do get some really quality software that will be very helpful in your email marketing.