ConvertKit Sales Funnel

Welcome to my article on the ConvertKit sales funnel.


I’m going to show you how to create a full sales funnel in ConvertKit, and this is going to be done everything completely in ConvertKit, very easy and straightforward. All of this is coming up right now: okay, let’s get started right away now.

First of all, why use ConvertKit, maybe you’re thinking of changing email, software or you thinking for your first email software system now ConvertKit is an excellent choice. I’ve used different email software platforms and I love ConvertKit because it is quality, full of features, and definitely very, very user friendly. I learned how to use it and you start using it the same day, so you favor user friendly, and that is very important when you’re doing internet marketing. You want to spend your time on promoting your products and services and not on learning a complicated software system.

Now, if you do decide to get ConvertKit and you decide to get it through me, then I have some very special bonuses. You can find out all the information down below in the description now how to do a sales funnel. I’m going to use this example here of a sales funnel now. First of all, you are going to need a lead magnet that is going to go over to a Thank You page, thanking people for subscribing. Then you’re going to send them the free lead, the magnet of free guide and so on, and then we are going to start to send them and do our sales funnel sending them emails now, first of all, why a lead magnet and what is a lead magnet now, A lead magnet is something that you give away for free in exchange for an email. This could be a free ebook, a free guide, a free trial. Something like that now.

Why do you need a Lead Magnet?

Well gone are the days where you just put a banner on your website to say sign up to my newsletter. The conversion of that is going to be very, very low. You need to give people a reason to sign up for your list. So if you’re doing sales of an affiliate product, your own product, anything you need to get people onto your list, because people are not going to buy first time when they come to your YouTube channel.

Your website, your blog, and so on. Very very few people will do that, so you need to find a way to keep a line of communications with them and that is done through email marketing and you can set up a sales funnel all completely within ConvertKit. Now, let’s go back to the diagram, so we need that we need to set up a lead, magnet, give people a reason to sign up. We give away a free guide, a free ebook, we’re going to send them to a thank you page. Then we are going to send them in the first email, we’re going to send them their free bonus, as we promised and then from email, 2, 3 and so on. We’Re going to sell.

Let’s start our sales process of whatever we are selling or promoting. Now, how do we do this in ConvertKit? Let’S us go to ConvertKit very, very easy. We need to. We need these steps and possibly a third step. The first step is, we need to find a creative, way to collect email addresses. We can do this through a forum or a landing page, a forum, I’m just going to go on a travel blog here.

This is a lead, magnet forum, so this person is giving away these things for free in order for people to sign up to his list, and I’m sure this is very effective. You see he’s giving people a reason he’s not just asking people to sign up for his newsletter. He’s saying: ok sign up to this and you will get all this for free, so that is very, very powerful. You can do this in the form of a forum, or you can do this as a landing page.

A forum is very simple: a forum is just like that which you can create very easily or you can make it even more powerful and you can create a landing page. The great thing is that, first of all, they have some really quality high quality, very nice. Looking at professional landing pages, I mean just going to preview this one. So you can see these are really really nice-looking landing pages. So if you decide to go with a landing page, then you can. You can put the landing page on your own website.

You can do this through a code or through the WordPress plug-in from ConvertKit very easy to do that or you can have the landing pages being hosted by Convertkit. So everything is done within ConvertKit and you can have a special URL that you can customize. So everything can be done, we didn’t ConvertKit and if you want to just, for example, choose this one and then you can change anything on the landing page that you want so here. If you want to change this, you just type in just change it the way you want to okay. So that’s the first step, so we have the lead, magnet opt-in now also within ConvertKit.

You can create a thank-you page. So here we say thanks for registering and again we can change anything we want on there. That is the second step all within ConvertKit. Now the third step is, we need to start out, first of all, give them the free bonus and start our sales process. Now the way we’re going to do that is in the form of a sequence which is right here and a sequence I’m just going to do just as a test. A sequence is a series of emails that you send to a list when people sign up, so you can have as many emails as you want. The first one we’re going to put this to zero because we want this to be sent out immediately, and this is going to be a welcome email and also how they can get their bonus. You can put a link. You can have your bonus somewhere, maybe on a Google Drive or something here.

You thank people for signing up. You give them their free bonus and you tell them what is going to come, what emails they’re gonna receive and so on just introduce yourself and tell them the process, and then here we’re going to start our sales process, we’re going to start to promote whatever We are promoting in a step-by-step way. We can do this, for example, this one we can send after two days this we can send after four days so, depending on the campaign that you’re using you can spread it out, spread it out very easily so and that completes the complete sales funnel and you can do this? You can use this in the combination with your own website, but you can actually do this too totally within ConvertKit, which is really really very powerful, easy and convenient just to use these different steps, as I just showed you create your landing page of the form, create a Sequence – and there are your sales funnel, if you want to make it even more powerful, you can use automation now, automation, I’m just going to show you an example.

Automation is where you send different sequences to somebody. So, for example, somebody signs up to your list for your affiliate product number, one: we’ve just created our sequence number one, which is about affiliate product number one. You also want to promote affiliate product number two, so you create a sequence for the affiliate product number. Two. So when somebody is finished with the first sequence, you send them the see the second sequence, maybe a few days later, so you can make it very, very powerful and very easy to do in Convertkit.

So that’s how to do a sales funnel in ConvertKit. So let me know in the comments below how to use it. You used the sales funnel within ConvertKit or if you’ve used it on any other landing page. Software is how you build your sales.