Email Marketing Guide for Beginners (2021)

If you’re, a total beginner, and you want to do business online, you want to make money online or you want to start an online business then you really need email marketing. Let me tell you why in this article.


I have to say, I’ve been doing business online for many many years, and one of the regrets I have is that as a beginner I did not see the power of email marketing, so it is only later on that I started to see how powerful and How important email marketing is for an online business, so I wish I would have started earlier, so I would have gained more subscribers to my different lists, but now I truly understand how important email marketing is for beginners. Also for intermediate and advanced online marketers.

So really really pay attention because it is really crucial to your online success. Now, let’s get started now. First of all, let’s see what is email marketing, email marketing is. I get this a bit better. Now, email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy and it consists of sending emails to prospects and customers, so it is really a very effective way to communicate with your customers or your prospects. That’s how I would summarize it because what is important is when you have a customer.

You want to keep the customer. You want the customer to keep buying from you. You want to. You want to have customer retention, but also when you have a prospect or somebody who might be interested in your products or services or your affiliate programs, then you want to attract those people and how do you attract people? How do you keep people within your sphere? Is by communicating with them and to me be doing sales and keeping customers in getting customers is all about communication.

Now it is very tricky to communicate with people because if they come to your website or your YouTube channel or your Facebook page, they come to your page. Wherever it is, they come to see you and then they go and you might never hear from them again. So you’re losing an opportunity to communicate with them and what is sales is communication, giving value showing what your products and services are about, what the benefits are, and so on.

You need to have a channel of communication, which is really tricky online because people come and go all the time. If you have a website – and you have a couple of hundred people of people who come to your website every month, how many of those people actually return to your website on a consistent basis every week every month, I think very few. So that’s why email marketing is such a highly effective digital marketing strategy and it is very, very easy. It is very effective because the emails will convert prospects into customers and turn your buyers into loyal fans.

So it really gives you a communication tool. That is so important to be successful. Now, next of all, why, besides the communication aspect, why is email marketing so important?

Well, let’s take a look at the return of investment of email marketing, and that is something that I didn’t grasp in the beginning, and I do now very much is how effective how much return on your investment you get from email marketing now this is a study an email marketing return on investment, it’s 38 over 1 on average, which is amazing, which means for every $ 1. You invest, you get $ 38. In return, I mean that is an amazing statistic and that that should push you to start your email marketing from the beginning do not make the mistake that I made in the beginning.

Think, oh I’ll start email marketing later on down the road. Once I’m a bit more successful once I have more people coming to my blog to my youtube channel, you know start right now. There are some free options. There are some free trials and so on there are different things you can do, but you need to start from the beginning because otherwise, you’re missing out on opportunities. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of email marketing. So there are many many different benefits of email marketing.

First of all, it is low cost. You do not need to have very expensive software. You can get started from ten to fifteen dollars per month, there are even some free options as well, so it is very low cost. You just have to have software and email autoresponder software that you use and that’s pretty much it. You can do it all yourself using that software, so there’s a very low-cost way of communicating to your audiences. It does not involve advertising special tools and so on. It’S just a very straightforward one: payment a month and that’s all you need to is very low cost very effective. Second of all is your own list. That is really important because you might think well, I have a Facebook page and I have a couple of thousand people on there or a couple of hundred people. You go. Oh wow. I have my subscribers on my Facebook page. Well, they are actually the subscribers of Facebook. They are not. Your subscribers.

The fate of Facebook will put a lot of restrictions on how you communicate even with your own subscribers, so you do not own it, so you don’t have do not have full control over it or you might even be on YouTube. Who knows that if things change on YouTube, it is not guaranteed your own list, you don’t have full control. You do not own the list with email marketing you own the list. Even if you change email, autoresponder software, you can take the list with you because you own them as long as people keep giving you permission to send emails to them. You own that list and you can communicate and target and offer things to your list because there are your people, okay. So it is really really important to understand this and the last one there’s many many benefits, but the main ones are here in the last one.

The last main one is target traffic. So when you, when you communicate it like, for example, when you do paid advertisements on Google, for example, then you’re going to try to target, but it is hard to target specifically to specific audiences, whereas with email marketing, you can pinpoint your specific audiences week. For example, you have a blog post about adventure, travel in Thailand and you put a specific form on there to capture emails for adventure travel in Thailand. Then you can have an email list that is, adventure, travel, Thailand and then you can send targeted emails to that list about adventure, travel in Thailand, and then maybe also adventure travel in Vietnam and so on and so on. So you can see it’s very powerful. You can really send targeted traffic to that list, so those are the main benefits of email marketing. Now we’re going to talk about growing your list. First of all, I just introduced you to some of the main emails, responder software’s, there’s GetResponse and there’s Convertkit.

There are many different ones. These are the ones that I definitely recommend Ally, I’ll put all the information down in the description, so you have to get a response, which is a bit cheaper to get started. It’s about 15 dollars per month and Convertkit is a bit more expensive, but you get a bigger list and it is very easy to use as well, and that is $ 29 per month there. There are some free options as well like MailChimp, for example, which is good to get started, but once you start, you want to do serious business online. You really need to have proper autoresponder software. It is a one-time payment per month, and but it is so important for the success of your business now.

The final point I want to make in this e in this video is how to grow your email list, so you know how important it is. You know you need to start from the beginning. So how do you get a list well to grow your list? You need to attract people with a compelling offer or a freebie or there are different ways to do this. We call this a lead magnet back in the day’s people used to say well subscribe to my newsletter, and people used to do that. Now they don’t people need to see the value. People need to need to know why I need to give you my email. What’S in it for me, so people are very demanding you can say, but you can understand because you get they’re giving away their privacy their email. So they want to make sure that they’re going to get the value, something that’s worth their time. So you need to make a lead magnet of how to get the emails.

I’m gonna give you two examples. These just travel blogs that try to get the email list updated. So, for example, here this guy wants two people to subscribe to his email list, and here he goes. He gives seven reasons to subscribe, so he’s going to give something in return. It’s gonna he’s gonna explain why people should join his email list. What’s in it for them what benefits, so you can do different things you can give a free document.

You can give a free consultation. You can give a free course. There are many different things that you can give, but you need to make it worth their while. So here he gives different reasons why people should subscribe to his email list, and then he puts here the form of how to capture an email so very, very straightforward. Another one is sometimes we’ve seen, though the big pop-ups, no here’s one. This is an adventure in you, I think, and this one, maybe after a minute or sometimes straight away, you have this big pop-up.

Sometimes it’s half the screen sometimes part of the screen. This is a full screen. Now there are annoying these pop-ups, but they are very effective because people have no other choice than to deal with it that they have to make a decision. So, for example, here you go to this website adventuring you, and maybe after a few seconds or when you start scrolling, this pops up your full screen. Now you want to you come to this website for a reason, so you don’t want to leave yet because you want to know what’s on the page of course, so you have to deal with this. You have to make a decision. So how do you make a decision while you scan through it quickly and you read it, and so here we go a free course?

Well, that’s interesting. Just join a free blogging course, so you’re giving value you’re, giving something a free course. So, people who are interested to make a blog, they’re gonna say well. This is interesting. This website looks good. Why not so they give their first name and the email and they join the free course, which of course gives this person. Somebody has subscribed to his list now once he has a subscriber to his list, then he can send them emails forever, basically, as long as they give him permission, so of course you need to do this in an ethical way and I’ll make some different videos about that don’t just spam people, because that will not work.

People will not read it unsubscribe very quickly. You need to treat people with respect, so you need to give value, but you can also make offers things: product programs, your own services, and stuff that you believe in that’s. What an email list is about your offering what you believe in what you recommend to people and if people have a much higher chance of actually buying or get or subscribing or whatever it is that you’re offering to them because they get to know you. They start to trust you, and that is why an email list is such an important part of an online business, so that was email marketing for beginners. Please understand the importance and the urgency to start doing email marketing from the start, because it is the key factor of being successful online.