GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

How Do You Register For The GrooveFunnels AdSense Affiliate Program? When signing up for the program, first choose a company name and create your company logo or picture. Then, go to the “register now” link located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Once there, fill out all the required information and submit it. Your account will be immediately updated and your personal details published to the public.

Who Benefits From Joining?

As an affiliate, you are rewarded when someone clicks on your referral link and visits your site. You earn commissions based on this amount of traffic. Earning lifetime commissions is extremely important to the affiliates’ overall earning potential. Therefore, it is important that you register for the longest earning plan you qualify for.

Earn The Platinum Lifetime Plan

The platinum plan allows the highest-earning affiliates to earn upwards of 95% commission on their lifetime commissions. Each level earns an additional commission. If you earn the platinum lifetime plan you can continue earning commissions even if you don’t make a sale for two full years. This means that if you generate $100 per month you can receive a commission of $1000 per month!

Get Started Now!

First, sign up for the program. Next, browse the digital marketers’ forum to get ideas on how to set up your new affiliate program. Finally, follow the “get started now” strategy to get started earning money from the system today.

Sign Up For A Free Account

You need to get started immediately after signing up for a free account. Many people who don’t know much about the digital marketing industry hesitate to sign up for a free account and wonder why they aren’t seeing any money. This is because you can’t do anything once you signed up for a free account. If you don’t want to do any affiliate marketing after this step, then you need to start now.

Once you have signed up for your Groovesell account you should begin to promote your affiliate program through various social media sites and Facebook ads. These sites include myspace, Facebook, Twitter, linked in, and other places online. When you are promoting your Groovefunnels affiliate link, make sure to write compelling sales messages that motivate people to buy. This can be accomplished by writing articles and blog posts with effective sales messages. These messages can also be posted in groups and forums online.

Get Access to the Deluxe Option Called the Premium Option

This option is usually recommended for those who have limited funds or just don’t want to invest the money into starting an affiliate program. By going with the premium option you can get access to all the tools that are needed to get started on your journey as an internet marketer. This includes free accounts for click bank, Facebook ads, paid ads, and more. The only downfall to this option is that it doesn’t give you as many tools as the free account does but it is better than nothing right?

Earn Your Free Income by Flourishing in the FREE Tier

After your promotion has ended you will be rewarded with commissions. Some of these commissions will be substantial and could potentially earn you hundreds of dollars per week. The 2nd tier is where most people who don’t make money quit because it just takes so long to build up a good enough money-making business from a FREE account. It would take many more articles to go into detail about this subject but I will say that if you really want to earn some free income then spend the money and buy a paid user affiliate commission program instead. It’s a smarter move.