How much is Convertri?

How much is Convertri? This is one question that has been bugging my mind ever since I bought my first Convertri cartridge. Convertri got an unfair advantage over ClickBank when it came to pricing. It seemed like they just took my money and made no effort to really deliver on any promises. Therefore I’ve been looking for an easy way to compare Convertri to ClickBank so I could see how much they really are overcharging for.

So I did some research and here is what I found!

These are highly related products and the primary difference between them is that Convertri is priced more cheaply and less than half the price of ClickBank. When it comes down to it, either way, you go there is no contest. However, I have seen more sales from Convertri than from ClickBank so that may play a factor in my decision as well.

Another difference that might be motivating for me is that Convertri is more fun to work with. I was able to upload a short quick list of videos onto my site in under 10 minutes. After doing that I was able to set up my first sales funnel with no problems at all. I didn’t have to do any technical stuff, all I did was follow the directions given to me on the screen.

Also, I must mention that after I set everything up the first time and uploaded the first video, I was very impressed with how well everything worked. I was even more impressed after I went to sell a product on my site. The conversion rate on the landing page was very high and every time a potential client clicked on it, a new email was sent their way. There was no need to worry about anything else.

Now, one might ask: How much is Convertri? The answer to that question is simply: a lot! At the end of the day, if you are going to do any sort of advertising it has to be an effective advertising method. The problem with most online marketers is that they spend far too much time focusing on building their lists, and far too little time on driving the traffic to those lists. This causes them to lose money overall because they are paying to promote things that aren’t bringing in any money.

The biggest difference between Convertri and a good sales funnel builder is that I have found that I can easily spend a few hours each week on getting traffic to my site and I always see a decent return on my investment. In contrast, with the other guy I had to pay him a couple of hundred dollars monthly to get my site to the top of the search engines and he never made more than a couple thousand dollars in a year. Because of this, I decided that I would rather spend a few minutes each week on converting leads to sales and not spend a couple of hundred dollars a month. This is what I believe to be the biggest difference between Convertri and the other systems out there.

The third biggest difference is that Convertri offers a lot of different values at very affordable prices. Unlike a lot of the other programs out there, you don’t have to worry about signing up for a bunch of different books and training courses or spending a bunch of money on marketing tools. The cost of the program is very reasonable. There are several different pricing plans that I could choose from which all work very well.

The last big difference is the overall experience that I got from using Convertri. Once I decided to go with Convertri I got instantly on track and started getting leads and sales right away. I didn’t have to wait weeks or months to start making money because everything began to come together very quickly. Instead, within a few days of using Convertri, I was getting more leads than I usually receive in an entire month.