How Profitable Is Affiliate Marketing: The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

I’m going to talk about how profitable affiliate marketing really really is. Now you might have been doing some research on affiliate marketing. You might be getting excited with a fall affiliate marketing, but you’re probably wondering how profitable is it really? So let me show you in this video now, I’m gonna show you two examples that will show you exactly how profitable affiliate marketing really is, and then I’m going to also tell you the hard truth that you need to know about affiliate marketing

Yes, the hard truth is coming up right now after this really, it is important that you understand the whole thing of affiliate marketing because it can be very profitable, but also it can be very difficult. I’m gonna show you two examples to show you how profitable affiliate marketing is, if you do it right now, if you go to and you scroll all the way to the bottom, then look for an affiliate. Where is it here? It is affiliated. Now all you have to do is sign up with a free account, is just sign up, you’ll get a free account, you’ll get your affiliate link and you can start to promote Bluehost. Now. Bluehost is really really it’s good.

It’s a good company and what is even better, let me show you: where is it here? We go, you will get a whopping, yes, a whopping 65 dollars. If you refer somebody to Bluehost and they sign up now, there is a lot of money right. All. You have to do is recommend this to somebody and when they sign up it’s very easy to sign up with Bluehost is a good company. It’S just a couple of dollars to sign up and most people who do business online need a website, so they need web hosting right. So it’s an easy sell rate really, so it’s very very easy to make money with affiliate marketing, as you can see here. Another example is a get response: just go to get response top, can scroll all the way to the bottom, then go to an affiliate program, another great company and another great, a failure.

If you refer somebody to Getresponse, you get a whopping 100 dollars. That is again a lot of money or you can say well, I want to have my recurring income and I want to have 33 % of whatever people pay for. However long they stay with Getresponse now, when people start with email marketing, they usually stay for years. Yes, this is years so, every time this person pays, you will get 33 % straight into your account. It’S amazing money. It really really is amazing. Money now here is the hard truth. Affiliate marketing is something which is very easy to get started. You can see you can get these free accounts. You can start to create free content. You can hope that people will say click on your link and they will go and buy now. If you just dive in like most people, do they dive in and they kind of hope that people will click on their affiliate link and they will make some money and they will make a bit of money. Some people here and there will stick, will click on their link and they will buy, but their income will be sporadic. It will be just here a little bit there, but it will not be a consistent income over a long period of time and that’s what you want right. So I’ve created this video, where I will show you exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing step-by-step, because you need to learn this system. It really really is important that you learn this trade.