How To Come Up With A Blog Name And Domain: Choose Domain Name For Your Blog

In this article, I’m going to talk about how to choose a domain name for your blog. I will cover, what a domain name is, what kind of name you should be choosing for your blog, and how to buy it

What is a domain name?

First of all, you need to look at what kind of a domain name is. First of all, a domain name is a name, for example,, that will appoint to your website. Now. I’m sure you’ve seen domain names all over the place,,, and so on. So you probably know about this.

What is important is that you choose the right name for your domain now.

Why is it so important? Why can’t you just say? Well, if I don’t like it I’ll change it right, it is very tricky to change your domain name. It is possible, but there are consequences because once you’ve chosen a domain name and it is on Google you’re getting traffic from Google, and then you change your domain name.

You can redirect your old domain name to your new one, but there’s no guarantee of what Google will do with this. Will they keep all the traffic that you had from your first domain to your second domain, mostly not how much traffic will you keep it’s a big question mark?

So if you have to do it, you have to do it, but be very careful. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right name when you first start with your blog, so you can keep it for a very long time, really really important.

What domain name will you choose?

You can either have a name after yourself or your company, or you can have a more general name now. This will depend on your situation right if you want to have a personal blog, that you focus on yourself that is focused on your life.

As a profile that you can just name the blog, your name, if it’s still available, of course, and or if you have a business, that you can just name the website at the domain name, you can name it your business. Now again be careful. If you name it your business because if your business will change later on, of course, you come into the same situation that is difficult to change, but if you’re promoting your business, then you keep it as your business, of course.

So that is the first choice. You choose it your name or your business name now.

The second way is one that I do a lot as well for my different websites. My different blogs are, I choose a more general name because I want to keep flexibility. If I ever want to change a little bit of the things I’m talking about in the blog, then it’s easy to do. If I, for example, if I want to do a travel blog right, if I just call it to travel in Thailand because it’s my favorite country and I want to blog about Thailand – I know a lot about Thailand. I really want to talk about Thailand, so I call it to travel in, something like that right.

It seems a good idea right and I want to make money with my blog through some affiliate marketing, some ads on my blog, which is all great right now, after a while, you might run out of things to talk about in regards to Thailand right.

So what do you do then? Do you start to talk about Vietnam on your Thailand, calm blog? It doesn’t make sense right and so like what I usually do is I make it broader because I want to think about what’s coming later on. Maybe I want to diversify later on. I want to talk about other things, so I keep it the general and I keep it broad, but still industry-specific, so I might call it traveling the world com or traveling in Asia. If I want to focus on a certain area, but I keep it as broad as possible because later on, if I want to talk about more things than I can do that easily.

What should be the extension?

Should it be dot com? Should it be dub NL if you’re in Holland? Should it be dubbed DE, if you’re in Germany, should it be net org, I mean there’s a lot of choices.

First of all, if it, if is your name, your specific name, or your company name, then you’re limited to choices, and it might already be taken right. So if it’s available to go and get it, if it’s not available, do a variation, for example, if your company is called ABC, just go ABC, go something like that or ABC plus.

You know something to put a little extra before, after usually after the name, so that it still refers to your company name and just puts like a short word that doesn’t make a lot of sense like plus or go or something like that, so you can still get It now, if, if you’re going for a more general name, then you have a lot more options.

For example, travel in Thailand up here we go to the big tip. Now I would definitely say: let me just type it in duct com. I would definitely say: go for dot-com now why calm now, if it’s possible, sometimes it’s not possible, you might have to go for .co if you want a specific name that is not available on the dot-com, so, for example, here you see the tire Travel in Thailand .com is already registered.

Just be careful with these names specific domain names such as .au or because you might be focusing on Australia or UK, or you know a specific country in the beginning. But what, if later on, you want to expand that you want to target other people in other countries, but you stuck with au from Australia or a dot co dot UK website.

So definitely that’s not a good idea. I would then definitely go with com. Why? Because it is something that people are familiar with. If you say go to my website. Abc.Com people go. Its something that people are familiar with and it’s easy to remember

Now what you need to do is once you have bought your domain, then you’re going to need web hosting, because your domain name needs to be hosted on a server. So you need to have a web hosting company as well.