How To Create A Landing Page In ConvertKit

Welcome to my article on how to create a landing page in ConvertKit.


Now I love Convertkit, and I’m going to tell you why, in this video and I’m gonna, show you how you can create very easily a landing page in convert. It’S coming up right now: okay, let’s get started right away. First of all, why Convertkit is a software that I really love, because I’ve used different emails, email, marketing, software’s and some are so complicated.

It takes you so long to really understand and learn it and when we’re doing online business, we are busy people and we want to get started very quickly with Convertkit. I learned how to use it within just one day and it was very easy and very straightforward.

So I love it. If you do decide to get Convertkit, you can get it through me. All the details are in the description and I have some very special bonuses. If you decide to get this through me now, how do we create a landing page in Convertkit? Let’s get into Convertkit and let’s get started now.

All you have to do is go to your account and then you go through the landing page and forms there. You will have two choices. You can just do a form that you can put on your website or you can create a landing page now. A landing page is very easy and very powerful actually to do in Convertkit and there are actually two things. You two ways you can do this one.

Are you can create a landing page first? First, I’m going to show you what they look like, so you can create any of these really beautiful and quality good, looking professional landing pages, so you can even do email marketing, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, even without a landing page software. Just by using Convertkit is really really easy. For example, this is a nice one, so you do a preview and you can here so you can put your own your on a logo here and then just base Stickley just change the way you want it to.

Let’s just choose this one and there you go just change the picture, you can add more fields to it. You can, and if you want to change something you just type it in it really is very, very easy. So you just go through the different steps. I can do this within one-two minutes. You know like you can set it up very very quickly and it is. It looks great now I said, there are two ways you can go about this, then. If you want to share, then either you can have it hosted on the servers of Convertkit, then you don’t even need a website and you can adjust the URL the way it looks, and so on.

So you can have it hosted on Convertkit without needing a website, or you can have it on your own website and there’s a really really good way to do this, and that is by installing, if you have WordPress, of course, installing the plug-in by Convertkit. I use this and it really really is very powerful. All you do is install this plug-in and then you can choose a page and then you can select this landing page and this landing page, no matter what kind of design you have on your website. It will look exactly the way it looks here.

So, even if you have a website that doesn’t look very good, you can still have amazing looking landing pages. That’S by using it this way, so it will look exactly the way it looks here and then, if you make any changes here, it will immediately reflect on your website to soar to ways to go about this.

Now, once you set up your landing page, then you’re going to create a sequence, which is a series of emails that you’re going to send to your list and you can make it even more powerful by creating automation and automation in Convertkit, is basically combining different sequences. Maybe you have different products that you want to sell, so you go with the product, one sequence and product to sequence and so on all very very easy to do in Convertkit.