How to find the Best Selling Affiliate Products on ClickBank

We are going to talk about how to find the best selling product on Clickbank.


Okay, let’s dive right in now. First of all, what is Clickbank Clickbank is the largest affiliate marketplace on the internet, and Clickbank is great for beginners and even intermediate or advanced affiliate marketers because it is very easy to sign up. All you have to do is go to Clickbank com, create a free account and you get accepted straight away, and then you are ready to start promoting affiliate programs.

Now Clickbank specializes in digital products, which could be a course could be an e-book, could be software. Many many different products and because it is a digital product or a course or software, the commission is usually very high. We’re talking about 25 % to 50 %, sometimes even 75 %, so you can make a really good profit promoting Clickbank products.

Now, the first thing that you need to do is you need to go into Clickbank and create a free account? I’m going to go into my account here and then you can go to the marketplace and in the marketplace, you’re gonna see many products that you can sell as an affiliate and that you can make some really really good money. Now it is important to find the products that are actually selling because if it is a product that is not selling, it means it’s not going to convert. And it’s really not worth your effort, because you are going to put time and money and effort into promoting an affiliate program, and then you want it to convert.

Of course, you want to make some money, so how do you find the best selling products on Clickbank Clickbank now here we are with the different categories, so you can. You can go to the particular niche that you’re specializing in and then find the products that are right for your niche. So, for example, there’s a business and investing. There are computers. There is a business and marketing. So, for example, let’s take a look at affiliate marketing, for example, she wants to promote affiliate marketing products online now by default it will be sorted by popularity. Now, popularity doesn’t mean that these are the highest by the products that are selling the most.

So this is the really very important tip, and I had to learn this out myself because I didn’t understand Clickbank when I first got started. So I’m going to show you right now how to do this and how you need to sort the products to make sure that you’re promoting a product that actually converts that sells. So you can make money now what you have to do is you have to go to sort results by not popularity, but gravity now gravity shows the number of times this particular program has been sold over the past 12 weeks.

So if the, if the gravity is higher, it means the product is converting, it is selling, so is it that is, it is worth your time and money and investment to promote this product. So here we are, for example, here this one is the gravity you can see here: here’s the gravity, so this one is pretty good. Eleven points, four seven. Now I personally always look to make sure that the gravity is at least five. It depends on which industry you want. You are in some products, sell a lot more in certain categories than in others, so it is going to depend. So I would usually set the gravity, and here you have a filter, so you can set the gravity to five here and it’s going to refresh you. So you see there’s not a lot of options in this particular industry, so you can go down a little bit. You can say a minimum of one gravity, at least it is selling.

Then, once you have sorted your category by gravity, then you can start to look at other factors very important factors. First of all, of course, how much is your average sale going to be so it needs to be worthwhile needs to be worth your time. So if it’s going to be five or ten dollars, is it really worth it? So I’m looking at at least 2025 dollars plus per sale, so this is 20. It is not too bad. This one is 42. This one 15 is quite low. So let’s take a look at some other industries. Let’s take a look at health and fitness and let’s take a look there, so we follow these steps.

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First of all, of course, we selected gravity already so make sure that gravity is selected, then we’re going to first of all play with the filter for gravity. So you can put in a little bit higher to see you in this industry, so we’re gonna put it to 15, and then we can. Then we can see how many so you see, there are quite a few products. So it’s a very popular industry, health, and fitness. So there are a lot more products available and it is selling well, so we have more products, so we can put a gravity a bit higher and we can see here this one is the gravity of this. One is amazing, 370, so this is a very high converting product.

Do your research to make sure it is a good product for you to promote, but what I found really crucial and really essential is that they have an affiliate page. So let’s take a look at this affiliate page because some have affiliate pages, but you will see that some will not have an affiliate page. These all have an affiliate page, which is great. When, if you go in certain sectors, they might not have an affiliate page now. What is an affiliate page? An affiliate page is a support page for you as an affiliate. So it’s going to give you information. Banners email swipes lots of information that will help you to promote this product, so this is a very nice, of course, is a very popular program. You can see they really support their affiliates.

They give a lot of information that the affiliate link nice banners here. They’Re going to give landing pages for Facebook, Facebook ad images – so you see this here does the Facebook ad copy. I mean this is a really excellent affiliate, page email swipes. So if you have, if you’re doing, email marketing they’re going to give you the email swipes when you have somebody who signs up to your email list – and you want to send out a sequence of emails, then you can just use these email swipes in your sequence. So, there’s a lot of really really good information, so so this is how you find the best selling products on Clickbank. So definitely, first of all, sorted by gravity using the filter start by 15 or more depending on the industry. You might have to go down to five, then you can see that these products are actually selling. Then you can also take a look at the average sale and make sure that they have an affiliate page in place, and that is how you find the best selling product on Clickbank. So go and do your research sign up with a free account and get started to make money online!