How To Get Traffic To Your Blog in 2021

How to get free traffic going to your blog? It is really important when you have a blog, that you get the traffic, because that’s why you are blogging, to get traffic to your blog.


In the beginning, it can be a challenge, because it takes Google, sometimes quite some time to Index your blog to get it higher up on the search engine rankings and, depending on the topic that you’re, covering in the industry, it can be more competitive, can be less competitive. It can take a while.

So how do you get some free traffic going to your blog? Well, there are two ways that I’m going to discuss, and my favorite way is the one that I will talk about at the end.

SEO For Your Blog

The first way is just to get your blog articles to rank on Google faster, and this is by doing SEO search engine optimization because just writing your blog article is not enough. You need to work with the algorithm of Google to get it higher up to give it a better chance to rank higher.

Of course, that’s the one time which is the waiting period. Where you know, Google has to take a look at your article index. It seems if it’s good and so on sure there’s a little bit of waiting time. But after a little bit of waiting time that everything is indexed is in the algorithm. You need to understand the algorithm and apply the right techniques to your blog articles.

So whenever you bring out a new blog article, you need to go through a different checklist, I’ll, be doing some more videos on how to do SEO for your block. There they’ll be coming out very, very soon so hit that subscribe button. So you can see those videos because it’s really important to go through that checklist. Every time you, you, you put a new blog article on because, if you put the right SEO techniques on your blog article, you’re gonna have a better chance to get free traffic.

Free Traffic For Your Blog

The second way – and that is for me a faster way to get some free traffic coming to your blog – is through YouTube marketing. Yes, video marketing. It sounds strange right to do video marketing for a blog right. It’s really really’s strange, but it works. It really really works now.

The biggest search engine in the world is Google right now. What is the second biggest search engine in the world YouTube? The great thing is they’re owned by the same company, so that is really a big bonus because if you, the whole idea of video marketing is to send traffic from YouTube to your blog, of course, you can send traffic also from your blog to YouTube. But in this one, we want to get free traffic coming to our block, especially when it’s a new blog and you want to get more traffic, because if there’s more traffic coming on your block, then YouTube is also going to see that and that’s also going to Help it to rank higher on Google as well, so the key is to get traffic to come to your blog article because you want traffic, you want to convert your offer.

You want to sell whatever you’re selling online, but also you want to spike up the Google algorithm as well. Now, how do you do video marketing for a blog article? I know it sounds strange, but it works now. The thing there are different ways to do it. You can do a video like I’m doing right now and just talk about your blog article. Do a summary. You can just explain people well.

It’s a really really powerful way to get free traffic. Now, if you’re not comfortable, to show your face on YouTube, that’s fine, because you can just do a screen, sharing a screen, recording a screen. Recording software and you can just show your article and just go through it step by step with the screen, recording and just explained, give a summary.

Just go through the main points and then again the same just say: go to this link. You can even put the link on the screen or you can put a link in the description, and that way people can just go from YouTube to your blog, and that is going to give you free traffic coming to your block. Now, let me know if you are going to use that tip and if you use that just let me know that’d be great to hear it really really works.

It’s a powerful way to get free traffic going to your block very very quickly because what I found is that it takes some time for your blog articles to rank on Google, but to get ranked on YouTube is a lot faster. That’s my experience! So give it a try: it is free traffic making these videos is free. You can do this for free and and and get more traffic coming to your blog.