How To Join Affiliate Marketing Programs (2021): Is It Really This Simple?

In this article, I will show you exactly what you need to do in order to join the best affiliate programs. This is the system that I’m using myself.

So, let’s get started right now I’m going to show you two ways that you can join affiliate marketing programs one is directly and the other one is indirectly. So let me show you both methods right now.

The first way is the indirect way, and this is by joining marketplaces. This is the easiest way, because everything is together in one marketplace now, one of the biggest marketplaces for affiliate marketing programs is Clickbank, so just go to

Today, all you have to do is sign up with a free account. There’S nothing to pay. It’s totally free. You just sign up with a for free account, you get accepted and then you are ready to go and then you go into the program and then this is where you go and you will have all these different affiliate marketing programs available for you now. I have done some more videos about Clickbank and how to choose products and so on.

Also, I will be doing some more videos on that so make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell. So you do not miss out, but basically you choose, you can have you have the choice between hunger’s of affiliate marketing programs and basically you choose the one that is best for your audience, so really really important and in a video I did recently I’ll leave it at the end of this video as well go ahead and watch this one, but I show you an exact process that you need to go through when choosing a Clickbank product, really really important, that you follow that process, that you choose the right affiliate programs, because sometimes the danger is when you’re in, like a Clickbank or a marketplace, there’s so much choice right, so it’s really difficult to choose which one is best to promote, so make sure you watch that one, because there is definitely a process to it.

But all you have to do is then: click get your affiliate link and then you can start to promote. This is a way to do indirectly, and this is a very easy way because all you have to do is go to Clickbank, come, create a free account and just choose the product that you want and start promoting, and that’s how you choose an affiliate program indirectly. Now, one of my favorite ways is to choose to go to join an affiliate program directly. What doesn’t what that means is that a lot of companies have their own affiliate programs and sometimes it’s easier to join, because you get more support, sometimes more commission as well.

So it’s really really important that you also join some direct affiliate programs. That does many many according to whatever niche you have. You should have plenty of choice with affiliate marketing programs in your niche. All you have to do is go to their website, for example. Here I’m on Bluehost, which is one of the best or cheapest, affordable web hosting companies. Here you have the link affiliates, but mostly you’ll find it all the way at the bottom. So, let’s see here affiliate right there click on affiliates, then all you have to do is sign up. It’S a free sign up sign up for the free account. Now, look at the commission that you can get $ 65. Now I want you to imagine you did this, because this is really really big money. Oh let’s say you, you start a particular niche YouTube channel or maybe you do a blog. You know whatever you’re doing and you have some audience and then you’re recommending people to start a website and you’re saying. Well, you should check out Bluehost because it’s a good company and it’s very cheap and easy to get started with. You can even give some more information to a video to an explanation and so on now, but people go over to Bluehost by clicking your affiliate link and they sign up, which is very easy, because it’s very cheap.

ItsS a good company, it’s for just a few dollars, so you can get started now if they sign up you get a whopping 65 dollars now that is a lot of money. So you see what I mean. You can really really build a very, very successful, affiliate, affiliate marketing business either by joining indirect affiliate programs or by joining direct affiliate programs. The best thing is actually to have a combination. You choose some from the marketplace like Clickbank and some you go directly your to the affiliate products that you want to offer.