How To Make Money Online Blogging (2021)

How can you make money blogging? find out more information coming up right now!


Let’s dive right into how to make money blogging. Maybe you have a blog already or you’re thinking of getting a block and you’re wondering.

How can I make money from my blog?

When you start a blog as a business, you can actually make some good money if you do it seriously now here are some great ideas of how to make money from your blog. I have some different videos, I’ll link them in the description below about the different topics about blogging as well, but here we’re gonna talk about how to make money blogging, and these are the most popular ones and the main ones of how to make money blogging.

First of all, let’s take a look at ad networks, something that I didn’t realize myself is that you can actually make some good money from your blog through ads before I used to think that you can only make money through ads using Adsense from Google, which does not pay a lot at all and is really not very, very good for you to make money unless you have millions of views, so I didn’t think you could actually make good money through ad net through ads on your weapon, your blog. But if you, if you join an ad network, especially the good ones, you can actually make thousands of dollars a month and the ones that have really good traffic.

They do make that kind of money. Now there are two that I can recommend. One is for the first one. You need to have at least thirty about thirty thousand page views per month and the second one you need to have at least one hundred thousand page views a month.

Now, how do you know how many page views you have per month just go to google and sign up to Google Analytics put some code on your website. There are many instructions that you can find on the internet and there you can actually see how many page views you have per month now the first one is called media vine.

Let’s take a look now. This is media vine, just type in media vine in Google. This one is excellent, but you need to have at least thirty thousand page views pageviews per month once if you get accepted with these guys, then you got you’re gonna make some good money by using the app by putting ads on your website. Also, the ads are not going to be it’s not going to load your blog full of ads, it’s going to put them strategically in different places on your website. So it’s not going to make a really bad user experience at all.

The second one is called AD thrive. This is AD thrive and this one pays even better than media vine, but you need to have at least 100,000 subscribers now, let’s take a look at some, I’m just typing in Travel Block in Google. Let’S take a look at some travel blogs, for example, let’s take a look at this one mmm. Let’s take a look at this one and this one to give you an idea of how this one is a nomadic match.

So if you see this banner here at the bottom, this means they are part of ADthrive, so which is this one here you can see because they have a very specific banner at the bottom. So anytime you see this banner and then you have to accept them all, except all the cookies there at the bottom. Once you see this kind of banner, then then you’re going to be, then you can be sure that they’re on a drive. So when you go through the website, you can see there are some ads here and there, but it’s not really disturbing’s it’s just part of the block, so it’s definitely a great way. You can see an ad here and AD there. Let’S take a look at another one, this one also, you can see here.

This is also from AD thrive. Let’S take a look at this one now, if you see this one, this pop up coming up where you have to accept the cookies in this kind of format, this is actually from media vine. So, let’s just accept and take a look at this one and so okay, so this one has different: let’s take a look. Okay, this one here probably has some ads in between as well. Here you go. You see here, media vine, so ads are a very good way to make money from your blog.

So definitely something that I would recommend that you do, but you first need to have at least thirty thousand page views or a hundred thousand page views depending on if you want to go with media vine or AD thrive. But if you can get accepted by one of these two ad networks, then you can make some really good money from your blog now, once you have good traffic coming to your website and you have some regular readers of your blog, you can start to look at maybe producing an e-book like a Travel Guide of some countries that you’ve been to, and you can sell that online. You can also do an online course on how to do blogging of how to do traveling of how to do vlogging.

For example, you can actually create an online course and then sell it through your website, which is, which is an excellent way to make money from your blog and the last one, which is actually my favorite, which is affiliate marketing is where you put Some offer some product offers on your website and then when people buy that product, then you get the Commission in return now, one I’ll just show you one. If you go to this Lotus, if you go to Clickbank just type in Clickbank into Google, okay, just go to ClickBank Clickbank is the world’s largest affiliate marketplace.

Where you have so many people, thousands of products, usually digital products, such as ebooks programs, courses, software and they put them on this website, and then you as an affiliate marketer can come in here, create a free account, and then you can choose different products. There’s travel! There are so many different products, there are thousands of products that you can promote, then you promote these products to review on them. Give your experience share it with your audience and then, if people buy this product, you can get a commission.

The great thing about Clickbank is that you get really good commissions because these are digital products and you can, you can get commissions from 50 % up to 75 %, which is amazing, the profit that you can make through your website. So definitely affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money from your blog.