How To Start An Online Business (2021) Personality Needed For Successful Online Business

What kind of personality do you really need in order to run an online business now? It is something that I had to learn myself starting years ago running an online business coming from a corporate background. It is quite a change and it’s something you really need to adapt to in order to be successful in the long term.


Now, there are two main points that I’m gonna cover in this video and the last point is the most important one. But the first point is what you need to start with today if you want to be successful with an online business now.

First of all, let me remove this whole myth that starting an online business is easy because it is not an online business is like any other business. It is hard to get started. It is hard to make money, but once you do it is a wonderful thing because it gives you so much freedom. It has given me so much freedom because I’ve been able to make money from the internet online money for many years and it’s giving me freedom to do what I want to work when I want to live where I want. So definitely it is a great way to make money, but it is not easy, especially in the beginning, but then even at the beginning, once you start to make money, you have to maintain your business right, you have to keep it grow and you have to keep It developing so it definitely you need to look at your personality. What kind of personality do you need to be? So here we go now.

Point number one is really important and you should start that right now is that you have to become a problem. Solver now this is totally different from when I used to work in a corporate job. I used to work in London in many different software and consultancy companies and whenever I had a problem at my computer, my phone, whatever problem I had all I had to do – is pick up the phone and call the internal technical support team and they would come and help me fix whatever needs to be fixed, just to help me with any problem, and that was such a big change when you start to run your own business, especially an online business where you have to deal with a lot of technology and it has to Work, and especially when you’re starting off you don’t have a budget to just call somebody to come and fix it for you or some service to help you, and even if you have some technical support you’re still by yourself, you still need to fix it, they’re not going to come to your computer and fix it for you.

So you have to become a problem solver, which is a big move from a corporate job where everything is done for you problem, you just pick up the phone and it’s fixed for you. This problem solving started for me and it depends on your own situation, but you need to develop to develop it and how, however, you can you need to become a problem solver now. A problem solver for me is all about making decisions.

Now, making decisions is a big topic right, but I do think that problem-solving ties together with making decisions, because when you starting off you’re, studying and you’re starting a job, you don’t make too many decisions right. You kind of follow people, you kind of follow what you what people expect of you and then, when you get into your corporate job, a lot of things are done for you right. They give you training to tell you what to do and whatever problem comes up. You know I go for this problem. I go there for that problem. I call this one, so everything is done for you right now. What I’ve learned and I learned is by living abroad by starting to travel around the world going to a totally new country.

I’ve lived in many different countries and when you do that, when you go into a new country, you have no other choice than to make decisions on a daily basis, you’re in a totally new environment. It’s exciting, but you need to make decisions on a constant basis every day, there’s something new and you have to find a solution. It’s the same way because you can’t rely on somebody else, because there’s no support group because you’re totally new in the country, you don’t speak the language or speak very little of the language.

So that taught me how to make decisions quickly on a daily basis and that really helped me in my online businesses, because I was able to make decisions what software do I need, what kind of sales funnel do I need when you have an online business when You have your own business, you need to make decisions and you need to become a problem solver so get used to this. Don’T start by giving up when you have a technical problem, your website is down, your block is not working. You have a problem, creating videos, any problem. You need to find a solution.

There are many different ways: how to find solutions. There’S YouTube. There’S Google there’s asking people there are many many different ways to do this, but you need to do that and I’ve learned that – and that is one of the things that has kept me going especially in the beginning, is solving my own problems. Okay, now once you’ve done that you need to go to point number.

Point number two is equally and even more important for the long-term success of your online business. It’s going to help you in the beginning, because you will need it, but it’s going to help you as well when you get started and you want to keep it going and that is becoming the engine of your online business. No, you are the engine of your online business. Nobody is going to push forward your online business like you now.

What sometimes we depend on. We depend on something or somebody else to push things forward right. We might, we might have a mentor and we expect we learn from the mentor, but we kind of expect that person to push our business forward and to make decisions for us. That’s not gonna happen. A mentor is gonna help you to get started to get up and running to start to make some money, and then you are on your own. Also software, sometimes people think well. If I get this, software then I’m gonna really push for it because this software is really gonna drive my business forward. No, no software is going to drive your business forward. You are the only one who’s going to drive your business forward. It’S you who has the engine the energy, the motivation to push things forward.

You need to make things happen. I’ve seen this with my own online businesses. When I stopped focusing when I stopped being the engine and I stopped bringing in new projects and new ideas, then my business will start to go down really really seen as many times and then when I go back and I focus with new ideas with new projects. With new things to do the business will start to go up again. I’ve seen its time and time again, you need to be the engine of your business. Now. One mistake also, you can make is once you start growing and you start to have your own staff, freelance staff, outsourcing and so on. Then it’s also easy to start to rely on other people to move your business forward. Now it’s great to have great staff, great freelancers and there’s a lot of top-quality people who will do their best, but they still work for you. It’S not their job to be the driving force to be the engine of your company.

You’re gonna have good stuff you’re gonna have bad stuff staff. You’re gonna have me mediocre stuff. You’re gonna have all sorts of different stuff, but it is you to be the engine to drive the business forward, and that is so very, very. Very important without this engine, your business is going to is not going to continue in an upward strength now. I hope this makes sense, because this is really really important.

Those two steps is the kind of personality that you need to build to drive your online business forward for the long term, because it’s very easy to be motivated when you get started right. You have a new idea and you have a new website, a new YouTube channel. You get all motivated right for the first week for the first month for the first two months, but then a success does not always come this fast. It can take a couple of months for your business. To really take off depends what kind of business, what kind of nations so on, and that’s what happens with a lot of people. They get a big boost of energy, big boost of motivate motivation and then, when things don’t start to happen quickly, the motivation goes down and they quit that happens time and time again.

So make sure that you are not one of those make sure that you push Your business forward that you become a problem solver to solve any problem that you can find out any information that you can but solve the problem yourself, be the engine and push your business forward and then when your business starts going, you need to remain the engine. You need to keep it running.

You have new ideas, new projects, new ways to drive business to your company, so I hope this really really helps you, because you need to develop this kind of personality.