Kartra vs. Kajabi: A Detailed Comparison

If you’re a business owner, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Kartra and Kajabi. These two companies are the best in their industry- but which one is better? Which platform will provide the most benefits for your company? In this article, I will compare these two platforms to help make your decision easier.

What is Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing suite that integrates with many of your favorite apps. Kartra includes CRM, email marketing, website builder, video hosting, and more—all in one platform!

Kartra offers over 500 customizable page and section templates to choose from including lead capture pages, sales pages, checkout pages, and an array of other tools.

All the content is mobile-friendly which makes it easy for users to navigate through their site across multiple devices. The editor works in a column structure with a component mode where you can update entire sections or specific components within them according to your preference.

Kartra reviews

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Benefits of Kartra:

-Unlimited storage for videos, photos, and documents. This is the best option if you want your business to be able to share files with clients without worrying about hitting any limits. You won’t have to worry about paying an extra fee either!

-Access management settings that let you decide who can edit and who can view content. This is an important setting for business owners that need to keep their data secure at all times.

-A website builder with drag and drop functionality, so you won’t have to spend any time learning complicated coding systems or writing code yourself when trying to build your new site!

What is Kajabi

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that includes CRM, email marketing, website builder, and more—all in one system. This means you can manage customers from start to finish without ever having to leave the product.

Kajabi’s page builder has two parts- the standard “page” and a Pipeline (a funnel) with many templates like lead pages, sales pages, and homepages.

With the page builder, you can customize your title, URL visibility settings as well as SEO so that search engines know what to do with each of them. The theme editor gives complete freedom over customizing every aspect of your webpage from font size to color or adding sections for more information on specific topics such as pricing plans or testimonials about their service

Benefits of Kajabi:

-Kajabi offers an email marketing system with unlimited lists, which is perfect for companies that need to send out a lot of emails. This feature doesn’t come included in Kartra’s platform!

-Kajabi offers a live chat feature that’s perfect for companies who need to answer client questions in real-time. Kartra doesn’t offer this feature, so it’s up to you if the chat function is a necessity for your business or not.

-Kajabi offers more affordable pricing than Kartra does. They also have an enterprise plan which can be purchased by large companies that want their own custom solution!

What is the difference between Kajabi and Kartra?

Kartra is a marketing platform for your products, but it also hosts digital content! Kajabi does have an online course builder and website creator, yet its primary focus seems to be giving you the ability to run blog posts on your site.

Here are the similarities between Kajabi and Kartra:

  1. Kartra and Kajabi offer some of the best drag-and-drop page builders available, which enable users to create highly customized marketing funnels that give them more control over their conversion rates.
  2. Furthermore, Kartra’s funnel-building process is much easier than in Kajabi because it displays a clear list of steps with detailed descriptions of what they are for when you go through each one.
  3. On the other hand, there are no instructions or explanations as to what anything means until after having clicked all around your screen aimlessly trying different things before finally figuring out how everything works!
  4. You can track your marketing campaign performance with Kartra and Kajabi. These services offer similar features like email marketing, broadcasting, automation tools to make the process easier for you!
  5. You can use these platforms as a great starting point if you want to create customized affiliate programs that promote products from day one of integration into either platform.

Here are the main difference between Kajabi and Kartra:

  1. Karta and Kajabi are both e-commerce platforms for digital creators. Kartra focuses on product selling whereas Kajabi is focused on course sales, with 4 membership tiers to choose from instead of 3 like its competitor.
  2. Kartra has done the work for you by partnering up with top marketers in order to have ready-made marketing funnels that customers can take advantage of without having any experience doing this themselves, things such as email lists or sequences which will help them attract lead more easily than just hoping they find their way onto your site unassisted via Google search results alone.
  3. They accept credit card payments easier while being partnered up with PayPal also through a Stripe payment processor so your customer doesn’t need 2 accounts.
  4. Kajabi offers unlimited lists
  5. Kartra has the best sharing system. You can share any type of file without it counting against your monthly quota, and you don’t have to pay an extra fee for this feature.
  6. Both platforms offer chat functionality that’s perfect for answering client questions in real-time. Kartra’s chat feature is better because it has a team integration that Kajabi doesn’t have.
  7. Kartra offers a website builder while Kajabi does not
  8. Kartra offers an enterprise plan for large businesses looking to use their own custom solution, but Kajabi does not offer this option at all!

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Which platform is the best for your business?

It’s up to you which platform will be better for your company. Kajabi might be a great option if you have a lot of clients who need a live chat, or if you want an email marketing system with unlimited lists. Kartra may work better as an all-in-one solution that integrates with your favorite apps. It will also give you the option to host your own content- which might be important for certain businesses.

Kartra is a powerful suite of tools that will allow you to run your entire business on one platform. This can be an attractive option if the budget is important, as Kajabi’s base plan may seem more expensive than Kartara’s offerings.

If it feels like the customer experience should always come first, then choose Kartta for their powerfully designed interface and responsive staff who are always there when needed.”

Kajabi is a software-as-a-service that provides tools for building websites, courses, and membership sites. It comes with an unlimited cap on content storage so you can create as many pages of course material or blog posts as your heart desires without worrying about running out of space!

The tool also allows users to engage in conversation through live chat functionality and social media integration – which means it’s never been easier to connect with customers in real-time no matter where they are. Kajabi offers pricing plans based on the number of subscribers or site visitors, making them accessible for just about any type of business.

Why you need an all in one marketing tool like Kartra or Kajabi

You need an all-in-one marketing tool like Kartra or Kajabi because you need a platform that can do it all.

When you have just one software to learn and master, your marketing efforts will be more streamlined and efficient than if you were using multiple tools or platforms in order to create content, build relationships with customers, promote products online, manage membership sites.

This is why Kartra and Kajabi are so popular with marketers – they’re a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs.

The benefits of using an all-in-one marketing tool like Kartra or Kajabi:

  • All your marketing needs are in one tool: email, blogging, social media management and there’s more.
  • Create beautiful landing pages with drag & drop templates for emails and blog posts. Preset design to get started quickly. Edit the colors or fonts as needed.
  • Easily track which content is most popular with the built-in analytics.
  • Publish and schedule posts to your social media profiles, all at one time. Never worry about forgetting again!
  • Save time by scheduling emails with canned responses or set up a drip campaign to automatically send emails in intervals you specify.
  • Marketing automation is so easy: create an automated sequence of emails that get sent on a schedule or upon trigger events.
  • Save time and create beautiful email templates with a drag & drop design for newsletters, announcements, and product updates.
  • Don’t worry about forgetting to send your emails again! Set up an automated “thank you” sequence that is sent after someone purchases something from your store. Just add the customer’s name and the message will be tailored.


Kartra and Kajabi are both two of the best tools for online marketers. Kartra is a great alternative to ClickFunnels because it comes with four membership tiers, progression analytics, and drag-and-drop features that make creating your own products easy! With so many marketing options available you can easily find what you need at either service.

Kartra is the best option if you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing suite, but Kajabi has some features that may be more beneficial to your company!

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