Make Faceless Videos: Vidnami Review 2021 (Content SamuraI)

So you want to make videos online, but you don’t want to show your face. Here is my recommended software that you can use for this. You can use Vidnami, formerly known as content samurai!

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This is an online video creation tool where you don’t have to show your face. This is an amazing video creation tool, where you can make beautiful videos without having to show your face on camera.

If you say I don’t want to use my face on camera, I want to keep my privacy, then you can still make excellent videos on YouTube or for your business or for whatever reason, and you need to create videos.

I’ve been using it for a while now and it is amazing software. It’s not only are you able to create videos without having to show your face, but you can also make really beautiful professional-looking videos that do very well on YouTube, and then you can use them on your website for business templates, social media, and so on.

I’ve used so many different video creation tools, and they all have their good and bad sites. But usually, one thing that I found is that it takes a long time to make one video, and when you’re a business owner and online market tiered and time is money, so you need to be able to make videos quickly, especially now everything is video.

If you want to have a website, you need to have videos on there. You need to have a YouTube channel. You need to put out videos on social media, and so on and so on, so you to have a tool that is good, that you have professional videos, but that is also very quick, so you can produce videos very quickly.

How do you make a video now, it’s really really easy to use, and what is great is they have so many templates that you can use? All you have to do is adjust the template, and then you can make you visit your video very, very easy.

Also, you do not, if you have your own images or maybe your own videos, you can use that, but they have a big library of images, videos, and music that you can use that’s all included in a very low monthly subscription fee. So I love it now.

Ok, let’s take a look now, first of all, when you come to content samurai and you want to make a video you’ll come to this page, where you have different options, let’s start from the bottom, you can do a property listing if you are a real estate agent – and you want to make a video, then you can make beautiful videos like this.

I mean really really well done very professional. You can use the stock library that is included in content samurai with videos, music, and images that you can use in your videos. If you have your own online course, you can use these templates. I love the sales video, it’s very powerful because it really focuses on your email on your message.

It’s got beautiful videos in the background, but your message is very focused to the front, so it’s really really useful. I’m gonna jump from the bottom to the top there. If you have social media, you want to put a video on Facebook, Instagram, and so on. They have these beautiful videos that you can use, but what I use most of the time is a video from a blog post again there are so many different templates that you can use the blue is great. It depends on what kind of message you want to give or what type of video it is.

For example, for a Clickbank product that you want to promote, you can go to the affiliate page in your Clickbank bank, account from the product that you want to offer, and usually, they have information that you can use to promote their product, so you can just paste it in here and then you don’t even need to write anything at all.

So you put all your information in here you can, you can have you have different settings here? I usually just leave it like that because you can change it later on, but you can take a look at that. Okay, next, we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna go to scenes? So basically you go down the list here. It’S a one, two three five one, two three four or five steps, and then the six is download here. What you’re gonna do is two things. One is you’re gonna check. This is how I do it. I, first of all, do focus on the text to make sure that everything is in the right order that not too much text on one page, that everything looks good in terms of the text.

This is the system I use, because I do this first, because if I focus too much on the videos at first then I sometimes forget about the text and then I produce the video and then I see there’s a mistake in the text so because the videos are very exciting, so I do this first everything looks good then you can also do something like this.

What it does it. It recognizes the text that you have in there and it chooses automatically a video that is appropriate to the text that you put in there. Mostly it’s on the spot, that’s correct, but sometimes you might have to change it, so you go through it.

For example, this is wonderful. So, for example, I want to change this. Let’s say I want something more, so, let’s type is wonderful, so you just type in and type in video clips about wonderful, like this is pretty good. You see a little preview, all you have to just click on it and there it is. I mean amazing now, if you say, if you say I want, I don’t want to text the text right there, you can move it to the bottom or to the left. That’s pretty cool! Okay, up for say! Oh, that’s! Good enough for me.

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