Pro and Con of Artificial Intelligence Writing (2021)

Artificial intelligence is infiltrating every industry these days. It’s no surprise that the world of writing has been revolutionized by AI as well. With artificial intelligence writing, you can generate content for your website without lifting a finger!

But before you jump on board with AI, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of artificial intelligence writing.

Pros of AI writing

AI writing is cost-effective.

If you’re looking to use ai writing for your website, it will save the time of an article writer and won’t require any upfront costs! This means that if you produce content regularly with artificial intelligence, then you’ll be able to budget out consistent savings on employing writers.

AI writing is scalable.

If your business needs a consistent amount of content for blogs, social media posts, or articles and you can’t find the time to produce it all yourself then AI will be able to scale with your needs! You can write hours’ worth of quality content within seconds without hiring an employee over time.

AI writing is flexible.

Artificial intelligence writing doesn’t need to stick within a given word count limit, so your content can be as long or short as you like it! This means that if you want more detailed article content on a certain topic, AI will expand over time and provide quality text for these purposes. Your articles won’t have any issues meeting the needs of readers who prefer shorter texts either!

Artificial Intelligence writing is time-efficient.

AI can write content for your business without you having to worry about the ongoing costs of hiring someone on a full-time basis or paying freelancers hourly rates! AI will scale with your needs and provide quality, affordable content at all times.

You won’t have to invest hours into drafting an article and then worry that not enough people are reading it before completing another one – just set the parameters for what kind of articles you want written by AI, activate them using nothing but a few clicks (and maybe update some settings), and watch as they produce high-quality text in no time flat! It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to saving money while producing quality content.

You’ll be able to customize your AI writing experience and even come up with the title of a new article. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this, so make sure you check out these features before investing in AI content!

AI is scalable.

No need to worry if it’s too busy or not producing enough because it will automatically scale according to demand with an affordable pricing structure that saves money as opposed to hiring freelance writers on an hourly basis or paying someone full-time when you only want them for part-time work. – quality text at all times without having to do anything

AI is dynamic.

No matter the topic, AI can produce quality content that appeals to a wide audience with minimal input from you on your end. You’ll be able to create titles for new articles after it’s done writing along with any other customization features and no worries of anything being out-of-course or not meeting expectations. That means less work for you as well!

Cons of artificial intelligence writing

AI has many benefits when it comes to artificial intelligence writing but there are also some cons worth noting.

Artificial intelligence isn’t perfect yet. Even though there are benefits to using this type of technology in some cases, not all instances may benefit from having an AI do their work instead of themselves- especially when it comes to creative endeavors.

It cannot replace human creativity in every scenario.

So while it does do certain tasks better than humans may, this will only be true if those particular tasks require logic based responses rather than creative ones such as art and design jobs which are more time

AI writing still needs supervision.

Computers are often not great at understanding nuances in language that humans would pick up on easily–such as sarcasm, jokes, puns–unless they’re specifically programmed to do so (which isn’t always possible). To avoid issues like these, many websites require human oversight when using artificial intelligence software for written tasks such as article creation. This is not always possible or practical, but it is a necessity.

AI writing creates content that promotes SEO practices.

Artificial intelligence software does have the ability to key in on topics and keywords more easily than humans can–which makes for better-optimized content with higher chances of getting found by search engines and rank highly based on those factors.

This means you end up with well-optimized, keyword-rich text without having to do any heavy lifting! It’s also important to note this may not work if your website is targeted towards a niche audience as AI will only be able to build off of data from public forums which may not target your particular user base.

As such, this should be taken into consideration when deciding how much artificial intelligence you want to incorporate into your content marketing strategy.

Not always niche-specific.

If you’re trying to promote a product or service that falls within a niche audience, it may not work because AI does not have enough information on this particular field. This means while it’s good for general audiences, it doesn’t translate well for those who are smaller in size.

This proves to be an issue when it comes down to your targeted audience because the AI will have a limited understanding of what you’re trying to promote, which can create holes or misunderstandings within your content.

Therefore, this is mostly beneficial and advantageous if you want something that is more general instead of niche-specific.


Artificial intelligence still has its limitations. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used efficiently.

It just means you do need to take into account the limitations when using AI for your writing tasks and make sure you also have a strategy in place so that if there is an issue with content quality or communication, then at least you are aware of what’s happening before anything major happens.

Artificial intelligence still has its limitations but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used effectively as long as we keep in mind the limits and potential impact on our business objectives.

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