Pros and Cons of Articleforge

If you have been around Internet marketing for any length of time, you know what Articleforge is all about. Created by Paul Mayo in 2001, Article Forge allows you to upload your original articles to the web directory for free. The only cost is when you submit your article to the directory with a back link to your website. In short, this web directory allows you to post original high quality articles so that anyone can take the articles and post them on their sites with back links to your website.

Article Forge is a simple yet effective way to generate web traffic and boost your website profits. To take advantage of the benefits of using Articleforge, you need to create original quality articles using the proper grammar and structure. It is not as easy as it sounds. However, once you get the hang of the software and are comfortable creating articles, you will find that this tool is truly helpful. Let me give you some pros and cons of using Articleforge to market your website content writer tool. Below is a direct comparison of the pros and cons of this free, no risk web site traffic builder.

Pro: When you use the no risk, no fee web application, you can create original, high quality content that others will want to use on their site. The article directory will accept your article without charging you anything within 30 days. Once accepted, you will be able to publish the article on the site for free. You can use the same author resource box that you would normally use in order to market your business or company.

Con: While using the article generator is a pro, it is also a con because the generated articles are not nearly as good as those that you would write if you actually spent the time to write and research your articles. While it is true that you can use the article generator to quickly produce hundreds of articles quickly, this disadvantage also applies to those that spend the time to write their own original content. If you cannot compete with the quality of the articles written by real writers, then you will not be successful in your Internet marketing campaign.

Pro: This program does cost money, but when you consider the amount of time you will save in producing hundreds of original articles versus the time it takes you to write them, the cost is definitely a plus. Also, once you are able to submit the articles to numerous article directories and create back links to your website, your SEO will start to work even more efficiently. With an effective article generator, you can expect to see a dramatic increase in the amount of targeted traffic that you receive on a daily basis.

Con: While there are certainly some limitations to the use of Article Forge, it does have its advantages. For one thing, the number of articles that you can produce in a day is limited only by your computer storage space. It is also very easy to create quality content created by a professional. You do, however, have to use a lot of keywords. Since you will not necessarily want to write as many articles as necessary for your business, this limitation may not be a problem for you. However, if you are a business owner that needs to churn out dozens of articles per day or you are an entrepreneur that needs to use all of your marketing skills to bring in potential customers, then you may want to consider another solution.

Con: The biggest drawback of using Articleforge while you are using WordPress as your blogging platform may be the limitation of keyword usage. The program allows you to include up to three keyword phrases in each article. To make matters worse, if you do not optimize your articles for the search engines and if you use keywords that do not contribute to your site’s ranking, your articles may not show up at all. At the very least, if you write for article directories and you do not submit your articles with the proper titles and keywords, you will likely lose out on valuable back links. A WordPress post scheduler can address these issues in a safe and effective manner.

Con: If you are a blogger who does not know how to use the program or if you have never written an article before, you may find yourself wasting too much time. Most people that have written articles with this software have been able to create high-quality content because they were familiar with how to use it. However, there are a lot of great features in this software that allow you to create high-quality content if you know how to use them. If you are a newbie, you should probably just stick to posting articles on your own blog. This software will most likely work best for you if you are already comfortable writing articles.