Recurring Affiliate Programs 2020: Best Affiliate Marketing Programs With Recurring Commissions

I will talk about the recurring or one-time affiliate programs, which one is better. I think this is a really really important topic, especially when you are getting started with affiliate marketing.

So let’s get started right now what is the best one? Now you have two kinds of affiliate commissions. Now the one is the one time which is usually a higher amount. The other one is recurring: where you get a percentage of whatever the customer is paying and many times it is forever so which one is the best.

Now, let’s take a look at two examples: now, for example, if you’re doing, if you’re, promoting a web hosting, for example, the best one is Bluehost, because it’s a great web hosting company and they have a great affiliate program as well, so always make sure when you choose an affiliate program, a pro, a company that you want to promote, always make sure that they are top-quality because it does reflect on you and you want to build trust with your audience right.

So, let’s take a look, so all you do. If you go down to the bottom and here at the bottom of the page you have affiliates nowhere you can see. Excuse me, you can sign up here, it’s free to sign up, and the amazing thing is that you get a whopping 65 dollars. So all you have to do is refer somebody here and they can sign up for just a couple of dollars. A month is really really cheap. So it’s pretty easy to refer somebody to Bluehost because it’s a great company and it’s very cheap to get started. What is it two-three dollars or something like that per month, and you get just by for introducing yourself, you get $ 65? That is a really really good commission.

Now, let’s take a look at another one. Let’S go with this, for example, Aweber Aweber, which is an email marketing software. So let’s take a look at this one, which is going to be recurring. So, let’s scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and let’s find the: where is there here customer referral program? Now here again the same? It’S free just to sign up, you just sign up, and then you can start to promote it and here they go. They get a recurring 30 % commission.

Now, that’s really really good! I mean because this one, you don’t just get a nice sum of money when they, when they sign up you get 30 % off, however much they pay every month. You get 30 % of that, and that is very, very interesting because especially software programs, like email marketing, software people will stay with them for a long time because it’s so valuable to people’s business. So this is really really interesting, a commission structure so which one is the best. Is it the one-time recurring or is it the one at the one time off or is it the recurring income?

Now, let’s take a look at an example: I’m gonna show you another example which will explain things better yet Getresponse is another email, marketing software and the interesting thing with get response is that you have a choice. You have a choice of a one-time Commission or you have a choice of recurring, so here partner program, let click on this one. Here we go now the interesting thing again. It’s easy to sign up users sign up it’s free to join now. The interesting thing would get responses, while it is a great company, very good software and you have a choice. You can sign up and you can say well. I want to have a one-time Commission of $ 100, which is a lot of money, or you can go with 33 % recurring monthly and both are interesting, it’s great to make just a hunger dollars just to introduce somebody, but which one is actually better.

This is a really really good example. So, let’s get out the calculator now, let me just get the prices here, as you just closed these down and we get the prices out, and let’s get the calculator out now. Let’S say people start with fifteen dollars per month. Now, fifteen dollars per month, you have to take into account that this is fifteen dollars per month. Yes, but this is only for one thousand subscribers to the list, which means people will have in a not so long time in the future.

They will start having more subscribers and then the price will go obviously twenty-five. He goes sixty-five and so on, so prices will keep going up and also if they upgrade that plan. It goes three to forty-nine, but let’s just use fifteen dollars per month. As a starting point now, will you get thirty-three thirty, three percent of that so times thirty? Three, so you get a five, let’s say five dollars per month now you might say well five dollars per month or hungry dollars per month, but this is monthly right. So, let’s do times twelve is sixty. While it still seems that the $ 100 per month is still more interesting because you want sixty dollars and then they have to stay on for a year or is, is what would you just want to have one hungry percent? Now there is no right or wrong answer; it all depends on yourself and how you want to make your money.

Are you at you want to have a big cash commission upfront and you’re happy with that, or are you building a long term business, and if you’re building a long term business, then I think the recurring commission is definitely the way to go. Okay, you get sixty dollars right, but if the people stay for two years, you do this times two. You already make $ 20 more right, because if somebody starts up with getting response chances are, they will stay with them for years and years and years.

So if they stay for another year, so for three years, that’s another 60 and there you go. So you see what I mean after a few years. You keep making money and if your aim is to make money to me to build this, to build your affiliate marketing business for a long term that you have a long-term income, I do think that recurring a commission is much better because this is just the beginning Plan right, this is just based upon $ 15 per month, but people their lists grow, so their monthly contribution will go up it. Won’T, it won’t stay at $ 15, they will go up and up and up and every time it goes up.

You get a bigger commission and this keeps going for as long as, however long they stay as a customer. So this is a great example for you to show the difference between the one time at one time, commission or the recurring Commission, and I think it shows very well if it all depends on what is your aim if you want to start making money big at The beginning then go for the one time because you’re gonna make a lot more money in the short term. But if you want to build your business for the long term and a definite thing, that is the most the more interesting way. Because you want to build this as a proper, business you want to have freedom right. You want to have an income for a long time to come because if you’re hungry dollars, that’s it – and you don’t get any more commission after that. But if you have a recurring Commission, this is a long-term income that you will get from your business. So that’s just one customer.

So can you imagine if you have two three four five, ten customers we’re talking about $ 600 $ 600 per year and then this will continue to grow and grow and grow. So if you’re looking for a long term business, a business that will give you an income for a long time to come, recurring Commission definitely is the best. But the choice is yours. You can decide for yourself, which one is best for you. I definitely go with recurring Commission okay, so thanks for watching now, this is the difference between the two make up your mind, but do your research make sure that whatever company that you go with that it is a quality program that you know about this company Because you don’t want to promote crappy products right, you want to promote quality products that are good value and, of course, that you make a good commission from.