Vidnami (Content Samurai) Auto Voice Review 2021

I’m going to give you an overview and a review of the auto voice feature in Vidnami (formerly known as Content Samurai). Vidnami is an amazing video software creation tool that I’ve been using for a while, and not only do you not have to show your face on camera but also you can have a beautiful professional voiceover that is included already in the software.

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So, let’s take a look at this video right now: okay, let’s take a look. This is an amazing feature. Not only is this a very low-cost, video creation tool before I forget, wait till the end of this video because I have some lovely gifts for you to give away at the end of the video so stay tuned. For that, not only do you not have to show your face and create beautiful professional videos, but also I don’t know if you’ve seen slideshows and video presentations online, where there’s just text and music, it’s cool, it’s nice, but you’re kind of missing something right.

But then you see these videos that have the same system, but they have a nice voiceover and that is so much better. The problem is that you need to buy a voiceover, it is gonna cost. You some money and the longer your video is the more it’s going to cost you now in content.

With Vidnami, you can upload a voice tract you buy somewhere from like a freelancing website such as You can record your own voice track, which is really easy to do. You can only have music if you want, or you can use the auto voice feature now. I love the other voice feature because this is the closest I have seen of any computer-generated voice over and I’ve used many different video creation tools, and mostly the voiceover that is computer generator is very robotic-like, and it really does not sound good, but in content.

I am going to show you some examples. First of all, you have a choice between an American accent, a British accent, or an Australian accent. I’m going to show you I’ll. Let you listen to an Australian accent. I mean that is just amazing. Evod is a female voice or you can have a Kate is very good from or you can have an American voice. My favorite Oscar is very good, but my favorite has to be either Harvey or she wants a bit. A bit younger professional sounding voice – I mean this is just amazing.

This is so professional, so we’re gonna choose Luke in this one. So all I have to do is have a look around see, which one looks sounds best for your video. Then just preview, the video now it’s gonna load all the scene times billing. Your preview should be quick almost there and then have a listen to I mean this is pretty amazing if you would have to hire a voice-over artist to do the voice-over. For you. That’s gonna cost, you quite a bit of money, so this is a really really good solution, all included in the price of content.

I’m gonna give you one more or less tip and then tell you about the free stuff that I have available for you. If you want to make it even better. This is a really really good tip to change the voice track speed because sometimes it’s a bit too fast. You can actually make it faster, but do it to like 95 or 94, because it’s gonna slow down a little bit and it’s gonna sound even more. Like a very natural voice, it’s something that I used a lot just to slow it down a little bit, and then really is spot-on.

I hope this tip will help you out. Also, check out my Vidnami review 2021.

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