Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Review 2021

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate hosting review.


I’m gonna talk about the hosting in specific of about have a wealthy affiliate and also I have a very, very special bonus. All of this is coming up right now: okay, let’s get started right away, wealthy affiliate. I have some other videos on my channel, which we’ll talk more in detail about the different aspects of wealthy affiliate and in this article, I’m just going to talk about the hosting. Now, if you want to do hosting, you need to have, of course, a hosting company which is going to cost you ten to twenty plus dollars per month, at least, and also you need to look into having maybe a website builder, a website theme there’s a lot of things that come into play, if you want to have your website online, and if you want to do well affiliate marketing, then here you definitely need a website right.

So the great thing about wealthy affiliate is that it is an all-in-one platform for affiliate marketing. So I decide all the education and all the support and community, and so on they have their own hosting and their own hosting. Let me just open it up. The hosting is included in the package. The great thing is that it, it is very easy to host your websites all within the platform they had. They have a very fast loading speed. You here see here 1.3 seconds. That is fast because you have a lot of web sites that that low load is very slowly on the internet and it is really hard if you host your own website, because you need to start working with WordPress, plugins and and and try to figure out how To lower speed up the loading speed of your website, the great thing is that they have everything included, so you can see here built on a framework used by major companies in the world.

So you can see here all the big-name sell, so take care of the security of your way of your of the host thing that they do so you can see they do a lot of stuff here. The backup is really really important because you need to have a backup and they do a backup every day, really really important, because you do not want to lose everything. That’S on your website, that is your business. Basically, that that’s your shop so very, very important. Now here they do a little bit of comparison now just about the idea. I’ll talk a little bit about the prices in a moment, but basically it’s 49 per month. If you go with the premium of play plan with Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, if you look at the web hosting and some web hosting is very expensive, for example, WP engine is one of the famous ones for WordPress hosting. You can see 250 per month, but on average I would say most you can you can find cheaper ones about 10 15 20 dollars per month, and the great thing about wealthy affiliate is that the hosting is included. So if you’re paying fifteen twenty twenty-five dollars a minimum per month for just hosting you get everything that is included in wealthy affiliate for just the one price, so all this stuff is already included now. Let me just talk a little bit about the prices.

Now you can start off with a free account and you can stay with a free account. That’S no problem! You have some free training and some other items included. You can see here there’s this website builder security package. So there’s quite a few things included in the starter price and you should really sign up and just take advantage, even though the free training, because it’s free after all, right and if you do decide to just do to upgrade into the premium plan.

Then it’s only forty nine per month, and the great thing is that the forty nine per month includes all the all the training and all the support and the community, plus all the things that I just talked about, all the hosting and so on. So that is going to cost you two fifteen to twenty-five dollars per month: minimum if you have go with a cheap web hosting company and also they have many many more things included, such as SSL security and so on, and they have a very, very fast hosting speed so a lot of things included and wealthy affiliate with their hosting just their Hosting alone. So, overall, if you include that within the total package, I think it’s a it’s a thing that you should definitely check out now. If you do decide to sign up with even the free account, then I have some very special bonuses for you.