Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021

Welcome to this video about Wealthy Affiliate.


I’m going to do my review on wealthy affiliate and also I have some very, very special bonuses that I’m able to give to you. If you decide to sign up even with the free account with Wealthy Affiliate, which is available, so all of this is coming up right now.

As I said, I have some very, very special bonuses which I will talk about at the end of this. Video do stay tuned because I think they will really help you a great deal if you want to make money online and become successful, so that is coming up now.

Let’s talk about wealthy affiliate now what is Wealthy Affiliate? It’s an all-in-one platform for affiliate marketing.

So if you want to become an affiliate marketer – and you want to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing, then I think you should consider this program because it is a very, very popular program. I mean I just love this here on their website. You can see how people are signing up. You know, seconds by seconds, is really really very, very popular and also has been around for a very long time and it’s still very popular, so it has grown and grown and grown. So it definitely something which is worth a while now what they have a free plan and a paid plan. So that’s a little bit of a negative.

Of course, there is a cost involved, but you can’t sign up with a free account. You have some free training included and some other features included, but of course, the full benefit is with the premium account, but do not forget about the free plan, because any free training, especially from a worthwhile platform like this is going to be worthwhile. In your online success journey really really important, so do not! Even if you don’t want, invest at this time, you can just sign up with a free account I’ll talk a little bit about the prices in a bit and get value from there.

Now, what is included is there’s a lot of things included and for me, the the the first one, the big one is the training and I’m just going there, the training that is included well, because if you, if you start off, you want to make money online, you want to make money through affiliate marketing, which is a great choice, because you do not need to make your own products you do not have to create anything.

All you have to do is promote somebody else’s product and then get a commission in return. And the big question is: how do you do this? And how do you do this effectively? Because you can try to figure it out by yourself and I’ve done that in the past, and it is only when I started doing courses that I started to learn more and become more effective and more successful. It really is as simple as that. So if you want to to to be successful, faster and more effective, then you do need to invest even your time, even if you sign up with a free account or invest a bit of money into your education, because that is how you move forward.

There’s a lot of classes involved in included in wealthy affiliate a lot a lot of stuff. They also have great support. They have a community, they have. If you need support to have all of this included and a community is really nice, because it’s going to motivate you in your day to day work because you can see other people who are doing similar things as you supporting each other sharing, whatever they’re going through so that is definitely going to help you. I can speak from experience now. Another thing which is included is the hosting. You know these are the prices. Let me come back to this. This is the one the hosting where in wealthy affiliate, you don’t have to worry about hosting of your websites a website builder. All these things is included in the platform that is really really good.

They have the host thing, which is on our business on WordPress, and it has also a free SSL SSL is the security of your website and is really really key, because, first of all, your audience will really appreciate it, because people are used to having A secure website, and also Google, really loves it. When you have a secure website, it is going to help you with your Google rankings for sure, so they have a lot of features included now. Definitely, the speed of your website is really important, so your website needs to be secure, but also it needs to have very fast speed and that is included in their hosting.

They also take care of the security, so that is really really important as well and they do daily backups. You really need to have backup of your website. You don’t want to lose your website if anything happens, really really important, because your website is your business, so they do all of this for you now. Let me just go to the prices now. What what? What is all of this going to cost you all the education, all the host thing, the website support the community and so on? Well, you can just have a free account which is going to cost you nothing and in the free account they have different things included.

As the website builder, the security package and also there’s some free training included, so just sign up with a free account and see if you like it and if not stay on a free account. If you want to learn more, then you can consider upgrading to the premium plan, which is just 49 per month. It’S not a huge sum, and if you, if you think about it, it includes not just all of the training, there’s a lot of training included in the premium, and that is really what you need when you’re starting off, but also includes all how to do your Websites how to host the hosting and so on the community, the support so there’s a lot of things included in this one price and it’s just one fixed price: it’s not going up or down it’s just one fixed price