What Are the Best Alternatives to Earn Money Online With Clickbank?

In this series, we’ve discussed 10 Clickbank alternatives you can apply to replace or complement ClickBank! So now it’s time to talk about your actual product. You could easily create a product of your own that offers related products and services. Alternatively, you could create an affiliate product that links to Clickbank itself. Either way, this means you need to build some kind of list or rapport with the people on the website.

There are a lot of affiliate networks out there. Most of them are built around Clickbank itself but there are other networks that exist. If you want to sell other things through your own website or offer affiliate offers using Clickbank, these other networks may have something to offer you too. The great thing about building your own alternative product is that it can be as unique as your own business.

There are many other alternatives to Clickbank. One popular alternative is CPA Networks. These are networks like AdBrite and Cost per Action. These companies make money through their affiliates who drive traffic to their site and make money when someone clicks on an ad and purchases the item. This works pretty well with Clickbank because affiliates tend to have a wide customer base since they’re targeting niche markets.

Other alternatives include LinkShare and Commission Junction. Both of these affiliate networks work quite well. The commission structure is different between these two and some people don’t like them as much as others. However, both offer good commissions for sales. One of the niches they target is the Christian market so if you’re a Christian and are looking to promote products that would appeal to your niche, either of these would be good to check out.

The final option I’ll talk about is AWIN, or Affiliate Publishing Network. This is the newest alternative in the game and is starting to rival CPA networks. AWIN allows affiliates to monetize their websites for publishers without any inventory. They have an API so third-party advertisers can integrate their own widgets onto your site and AWIN advertisers are usually very generous in giving away money to their subscribers.

So which of these best alternatives to join? It really comes down to your own circumstances. Which ones appeal to you as an affiliate marketer? And how much time and effort are you willing to put in to making your business successful? This ultimately will determine which of the marketplace you should choose. But with so many options available, it shouldn’t be all that hard to find something that appeals to you and fits into your lifestyle.

But there are certainly good arguments both for and against joining any one of the best alternatives to Clickbank. My advice is to do your own research, take your time, and do what works for you. If you’re planning on promoting a broad range of services or products, CPA networks might be for you. If you’re focused on a niche market, or on providing a simplified way for affiliates to earn from their own websites, then affiliate marketing with Clickbank may be the best alternative. Your lifestyle and interests will ultimately dictate which of these you should choose. However, with over $100 million in daily revenue, there’s no reason not to try and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

There are a number of alternatives to Clickbank. Some have higher payout rates, some have larger databases of affiliates to promote, and some have simpler set up but all offer valuable support to both marketers and affiliates alike. The important thing is that you choose something that works well for you. Then provide free content, provide value, and provide great customer service. Over time, you’ll find the results of your efforts will pay off.