What is Convertri?

What is Convertri? Converting to an HTML5 website from a PDF is much faster and easier than converting a PDF to HTML. That’s what makes Convertri a welcome addition to the responsive web market. Convertri Pros and Cons are a comprehensive look at Convertri’s advantages over other landing page builders.

What is Convertri?

Convertri, originally founded by Andy Fletcher last year, is a high-performance landing page and split testing platform with a heavy focus on speed and optimization. Much of this platform has been around building attractive-looking landing pages, covering a wide assortment of use cases like generating sales through pay-per-click advertising, delivering data through a full-fledged website, and even presenting information in a visually compelling manner. The team has recently added full support for Google Analytics, allowing users to integrate their conversion reports with their other applications and dashboards. This new functionality allows businesses to more effectively focus on their customers.

How does it compare to other web-based tools?

When compared to various other landing page and traffic generation platforms available today, Convertri has a few things going for itself. First, it’s been established as an easy-to-use and quick-to-setup software, with an in-built setup that’s easy enough for anyone to understand. It also provides a wealth of customization options, with everything from logos to funnels based on company colors and themes.

What is the pro plan? One of the things that make Convertri stand out from other business planning and management systems is its extensive feature set, which includes four different landing pages with completely unique content. There are also many custom domain names included, as well as a variety of statistics and reporting options that make it a perfect fit for any eCommerce site or e-mail campaign.

So, what are the pros and cons?

To start, we need to take a look at the pros. One advantage that Convertri has over some of the competition is that it incorporates a number of advanced features and functions that ensure a higher level of efficiency. For example, using the code library from Google, you can integrate Google AdSense ads on your site and have the ads appear at relevant times to your traffic, so that the conversion rates don’t drop. You can split-test landing page layouts and ad copy so that you can optimize your campaigns for performance and see how conversion rates vary depending on these factors.

How about the cons?

On the negative side, Convertri isn’t quite as robust as some of the advanced features that it does have. In particular, it doesn’t have the functionality to automatically split test the right adverts, nor the ability to track conversion rates across multiple landing pages and ad groups. However, these issues will not be a problem for most small business owners, as they can easily overcome them by adding in additional functionality.

The final thing we will look at is the basic plan. What is Convertri? This is a comprehensive eCommerce platform built upon the back of Google’s famous AdWords, which allows you to quickly start earning money online by leveraging the power of targeted keywords. To make the most of the power of keywords, you need a high-quality website that is optimized for high search engine rankings, but the more basic technicalities of conversion aren’t that complex. So, apart from the support, this is an ideal setup for any new online business trying to get off the ground.


Now that you know what Convertri is and what it has to offer, it’s time to discuss the core benefits that you stand to gain from using a service like Convertri. The best feature that it offers to website owners is the rapid development of your site. With loading speed being one of the main concerns for online businesses, it makes sense for you to focus on making your website load faster from the moment your visitor lands on your home page. The other major benefit that you stand to gain from using a service like Convertri is in the form of reduced conversion rates – since you are in direct competition with other websites, you can always expect to take on lower than normal advertising rates.