What You Should Know Before You Download the Whealthy Affiliate Software

What is Whealthy Affiliate? According to its website, the program is “designed for novices and seasoned pros alike who want to earn fast cash without the need to learn a dozen different web-based applications. This affiliate marketing strategy allows you to create a unique affiliate link that is hyperlinked to any content on your site.” The program offers numerous training courses so that users will be able to get up to speed with web site promotion. The site promises a variety of tools for those who are new at affiliate marketing.

How do I make money with it? When someone clicks one of the affiliate links on one of your web pages and purchases a product or service, you earn a commission. The commission is computed by the number of visitors that come to your site through the affiliate links you’ve placed on your pages. For instance, if you have 5 million customers, you will earn a commission of $5 per customer. If you have 5 million customers but only post one affiliate link on your page, you won’t earn a commission because you don’t have enough customers to earn that much.

Is it hard to set up an affiliate account with Whealthy? No. The site is very user-friendly. It can be installed in just a few minutes using most web hosting services. There’s no need to install any software on your own server – you just need to have one URL pointing at your site.

Why should I use it? If you’re looking to make quick money with affiliate marketing, you’ll likely have little experience with affiliate marketing. Most people find it very confusing, even bewildering. The Whealthy program solves this problem because it offers a way for newbies to quickly start earning commissions through affiliate links. If you already have an existing website, the process will be seamless.

Will I earn commissions on every page? No. There are a few limitations that I’ll discuss below. You won’t earn anything on just one or two pages. If you want to earn more money per sale (which you can do by selling other people’s products), you’ll probably want to create multiple pages with your own affiliate links.

What if I lose my site while uploading my affiliate links? If your web hosting service shuts down, or your computer crashes, you may lose your entire website. You’ll be able to retrieve it though. A back-up service is provided by the company. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll be able to purchase one at an affordable price from their website.

Can I sell other people’s products on my own website with the Whealthy Affiliate Program? If you’ve got your own web site, you can! Just sign up for an account with Whealthy and upload any affiliate links you want. If you don’t yet have a website, you can choose to pay an affiliate company to place your affiliate links on their site for you. They’ll collect the money and distribute it to you as soon as they receive your sales.

Are there any catches? Although the Whealthy Affiliate Program is free to join and doesn’t cost you anything to use the affiliate link generators or sales promotion tools, there are a few things you should know before starting the program. There’s no technical support provided, so be aware of potential problems. Also, you have to be honest about your sales volume and your commission income. If you lie about these numbers, you won’t qualify for any of the programs pre-orders.