Which Artificial Intelligent Software Do Copywriters Use? (2021)

What does an artificial intelligent do copywriter do? That’s a question I get asked a lot. Most of the time the answer is something to the tune of, “Help me write a book, please.” This isn’t the best answer. What does an artificial intelligence do is to help writers create books or concept guides for companies? It doesn’t do the grunt stuff that a writer would do, such as proofreading, or editorial work.

Now then, some authors might be glad to know that their work doesn’t have to go through such a process, at least not all of it. That would free them up to write the book and go on to meet their many banking accounts and fulfill other entrepreneurial duties. However, if a company needs a book quickly they would likely hire a human being to do the job, or if it took more than one person to finish the job, then it could be done in-house.

So, what does an artificial intelligence do then? The software I mentioned earlier will act as a kind of reporter. It’ll use its database to look for facts, quotes, and topics, and retrieve and aggregate the appropriate information based on the data it has collected. It can be used to search for pre-existing material too if you feed it the proper parameters. In fact, it can do this kind of work in real time, so if a company needs to put out a press release today, it can search the Internet for keywords related to the product launch and compile a report for the executives, with a particular segment focused on the product.

It’s true; you can teach your computer to write a resume too. Many companies are doing just that with artificial intelligent resume software. But, they’re not applying the same curriculum used by the human writers. Instead, the curriculum is more geared towards getting the job done. When you’re applying for a job, you have to come up with a Cover Letter, Job Offer, Resume, Cover Letter, and an H Letter, all of which must be well written and structured for maximum effect. This is why; many hiring managers prefer to hire someone who has actually written a resume to apply for a position.

And speaking of resumes…when your artificial intelligent software starts doing its job, you’re going to need to give it some basic information about yourself. You’ll need to tell it about your education, skills, work experience, interests, hobbies, and so on. Once again, it’s not so much what does an artificial intelligent do copywriters use?

It’s more about how you say things in your resume. For example, if your company sells furniture, then your Cover Letter will be completely different from a resume that talks about your passion for woodworking as a hobby. Say, “I was born with a talent for creating furniture, and I love the overall process of building furniture,” or something similar.

So, in fact, what does an artificial intelligence do copywriter use is more about making a really good impression, rather than actually crafting a quality resume. After all, this is the point of the interview. You want the software to go in there, and land you an interview for the job. Not to mention, it’s all in the computer code.

So, it goes back to the original question: What does an artificial intelligent do copywriters use? It’s all about impressing the person at the very top of the pyramid. They need to impress the top in order to get anywhere else, which explains why the human brain is so easily fooled. Once the artificial intelligence program is accepted into the company, it will be given a very human-like set of instructions to follow, and that’s all it’ll need to become a great copywriter.

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